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Deputy and EdApp

Seamlessly roster and train hospitality teams

EdApp and Deputy are better together. Create and allocate training, schedule shift workers, manage roster changes, and streamline payroll – in half the admin time.

Assign training and scheduling all in one place

With Deputy and EdApp, ensuring training and compliance for your teams before their next scheduled shift is simple.

Mobile new hire training

When a new employee has been added to Deputy, they are automatically invited to join EdApp to complete required training before their start date.

Mobile new hire training

Set required training

You can also set courses as prerequisites before employees can be scheduled for shifts

Set required trainings
The Grounds

I'm really stoked about EdApp. As an organisation, we want to bring it to the forefront of what we are doing. Most of the content in the EdApp library is already a great start - we can tweak it so each department has something specific to use.

Kayleigh Longuehaye, People and Recruitment Manager

Sync your data and cut your admin time in half

Send notifications

Get started in 5 minutes

Invite your team from your Deputy account to EdApp in less than 5 minutes.

Sync in your training with Deputy and EdApp

Automatically sync training

Published courses automatically display in Deputy as new training. No copy and pasting needed.

Sync course completions with EdApp and Deputy

Sync course completions

Completed training records are automatically sent to Deputy, ensuring your employees are up-to-date on training before they clock in - no cross-referencing required.

Make your onboarding easier than ever before with EdApp and Deputy

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Pricing to suit any team

Quality workplace learning shouldn’t be a luxury. That’s why EdApp is free, forever for those who need it, with affordable plans for bigger teams.


For small teams

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Per user / Multi location

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