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Onboarding - Retail

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About this course

An example course for onboarding new retail employees in a retail store. Useful for anyone who wants to repurpose and use for their own store and share with their workers.

From the author

If you have new employees and need the best way to onboard them, look no further than this retail training programme! It can be challenging to provide effective training to new employees who need to experience effective induction to the company and its processes. That's why we have designed a course composed of important techniques to be employed for effective performance in their new roles. Onboarding no longer means just teaching new employees about what to and what not to do in the workplace, but also to encourage them to showcase their existing skills and be open to learn new ones. This retail online training course provides learners with courseware focused on company value, cross selling, store procedures and suggestive selling. The understanding of core values is pivotal for total immersion into the company.

What you will learn

  • Company Values
  • Cross Selling
  • Store Procedures
  • Suggestive Selling

Onboarding - Retail Lessons

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  1. Company Values
  2. Store Procedures
  3. Cross Selling
  4. Suggestive Selling

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Onboarding - Retail course excerpts

Company Values

Learn about your importance to our company, and what our core values are.

Onboarding - Retail Course - Lesson Excerpt

Company Values

Our company's most important trait is:

Store Procedures

Take this lesson to learn about specific store procedures, and come back if you ever need a refresher.

Onboarding - Retail Course - Lesson Excerpt

** Store Procedures**

Custom Lesson

In this lesson, let's explore some policies and procedures that are specific to our store.

Accepting Payments Swipe up to learn more about which payments we accept.

Contactless and Card Payments Along with all credit cards, we accept contactless payments, like Apple Pay, Android Pay and Visa Paywave. Process these the same as other credit cards.

Cash We also accept Cash Payments. Process these with the "Cash" button on the POS.

Other Payment Methods If your store accepts other payments, write more information about these here. For example, cheques or vouchers. Alternatively, remove this section.

Closing the Store Count the till and fill in banking information. Write the EOD Report. Lock and secure the door. Please Edit this information, or add more, as is necessary for your store.

When opening the store, it is important to count the float correctly. Don't unlock the front door to customers until you have verified the float.

Cross Selling

Learn the importance of cross-selling, and how it fits into our retail business.

Onboarding - Retail Course - Lesson Excerpt

** Cross Selling**

Outfitting and Cross Selling techniques:

Suggestive Selling

Learn about how you can use suggestive selling to enhance your store's KPIs.

Onboarding - Retail Course - Lesson Excerpt

Suggestive Selling

Suggestive selling is a simple way to help customers discover everything the store has to offer.

Learning how to sell suggestively will help you reach your sales targets faster, and when it's done right, will get customers back into your store again and again.

A customer decides to buy one of the boots on sale. Which is the best approach to get them to buy more?

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Onboarding - Retail


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