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Retail Services - Communication

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About this course

This course is designed to help you improve your communication in the workplace. We look at the skills which come together to create good communication.

From the author

Communication in retail is a key driver of success for many reasons including its ability to develop a larger customer base and satisfy the existing ones. This course is designed to demonstrate the best practices to deliver excellent retail communication on the job. The course will provide worthwhile skills to retail employees, enabling them to provide service to customers that is above and beyond, and memorable. If you need to brush up on your retail communication skills, this is the course for you.

What you will learn

  • Open vs Closed Questions
  • Using Open Questions
  • Active Listening

Retail Services - Communication Lessons

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  1. Active Listening
  2. Open vs Closed Questions
  3. Using Open Questions

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Retail Services - Communication course excerpts

Active Listening

Develop your communication skills by improving your listening skills, giving you a better understanding of what a customer is telling you.

Retail Services - Communication Course - Lesson Excerpt

Active Listening

Active listening has great payoffs. The better you are at listening, the more information you will receive. This can not only lead to improvements in your career... ...but also, strengthen your bonds with family and friends. How then can we become an active listener? Let's do a little practice. In the next slide, you will watch a video on how to actively listen. As you watch, try to remember the four key strategies that the speaker will mention.

Active listening advice

What are the four active listening strategies mentioned in the video?

Which of the following statements about communication are true?

Open vs Closed Questions

The different questioning styles you can use to get the information you want from a customer.

Retail Services - Communication Course - Lesson Excerpt

Open vs Closed Questions


Using Open Questions

In this lesson we look at when to use open questions, and how to use them.

Retail Services - Communication Course - Lesson Excerpt

Using Open Questions

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Retail Services - Communication


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