Forklift Operation Safety

Learn how to safely operate a forklift from pre-operative checks to maneuvering and load handling.

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About this course

The 'Forklift Operation Safety' course builds on how to safely operate a forklift from pre-operative checks to maneuvering and load handling.

This 3-part course covers all of the essentials for appropriate and safe use of forklifts, including pre-operation, travelling and maneuvering, and load handling.

If you are using forklifts in your role or are interested in understanding the best practices, look no further than this course.

What you'll learn with "Forklift Operation Safety" course

  • Pre-Operation
  • Travelling & Maneuvering
  • Load Handling

"Forklift Operation Safety" Content

  • Pre-Operation

    Go over the visual and operative checks to make sure your forklift is safe for use.

    Lesson Excerpts

    • Pre-Operation

    • Reorder these steps of what to do before you operate a forklift.

    • Driving Hazards

  • Traveling & Maneuvering

    Learn how to safely drive, turn and park your forklift.

    Lesson Excerpts

    • Driving the Forklift

      Driving the Forklift
    • If you happen to tip over, still do not jump, stay where you are. While you are tipping: Grip the steering wheel. Brace yourself with your feet. Lean away from where you're going to hit the ground, and then lean forward.

    • Operating Speed

  • Load Handling

    Explore the best practices for distributing loads and how to safely travel with them.

    Lesson Excerpts

    • Load Handling

      Load Handling
    • Your vision may be obstructed when the load is lifted.

    • Your Mast Position

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