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12 Free Defensive Driving Courses

Defensive driving tactics lower the possibility of accidents and can even save money on car repairs, car maintenance, and fuel consumption. You can protect your workers and yourself from road accidents by taking the ten free defensive driving courses below.

Last published: 14th March 2023
EdApp Free Defensive Driving Courses - Driver Safety

Free Defensive Driving Courses # 1 - Driver Safety by EdApp

Several traffic accidents happen throughout the course of a workday or on the journey to and from work. A pedestrian may suddenly decide to jaywalk and run across a road. Cars can swivel out of their lane from broken equipment or slippery roads. Things can fall out of trucks when the truck driver forgets to padlock the back.

A free defensive driving course will significantly minimize the likelihood of your workers and staff getting into these types of accidents. This driver safety program enables you and your team to safeguard your personal and company cars, drivers, their families, and the community while also safeguarding the organization from liabilities. Some of the topics covered in this course are risky driving, safe driving practices, and vehicle management.

You can use EdApp's intuitive authoring tool to rebrand and edit lessons within this course. To create visually stunning and engaging course content, you can include text, photos, videos, and other multimedia to EdApp's easy authoring tool.

Cost: Free

Features: driver safety overview, risky driving, safe driving practices, vehicle maintenance

Created by EdApp

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EdApp Free Defensive Driving Courses - Driver Safety for Gig Workers

Free Defensive Driving Courses # 2 - Driver Safety for Gig Workers by EdApp

Gig workers are responsible to drive vehicles in a safe manner that doesn't endanger the lives of others. They can be late to meetings or events, but they won't be able to take back a person's life when they get into an accident.

In this free defensive driving course, EdApp goes over some suggestions for driving safely and why they can be a major driving factor in your success. The Driver Safety for Gig Workers program tackles situations when people choose to drive with more risk and what to do in those events. This course also teaches freelance workers about ensuring proper vehicle maintenance to prevent equipment from breaking down while they’re on the road.

The lessons are delivered to staff in bite-sized microlessons so the information is a lot easier to digest compared to having lengthy lessons. This also helps training to become more effective since learning content is easier to absorb, which increases the likelihood of knowledge retention.

Cost: Free

Features: risky driving, safe driving practices, vehicle maintenance

Created by EdApp

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Alison Free Defensive Driving Courses - Essential Principles & Practices

Free Defensive Driving Courses # 3 - Defensive Driving - Essential Principles & Practices by Alison

Defensive driving is the technique of being able to anticipate potential road hazards and accidents, especially in bad weather conditions or from the mistakes of others on the road. 

Alison's free defensive driving course is designed for learners who want to know about fundamental defensive driving practices. It discusses the importance of staying aware while driving and analyzes the characteristics of defensive and aggressive drivers. Your learners will know how to drive in hazardous weather conditions and the intoxicating substances that impair a driver's abilities.

Cost: Free

Features: causes of road traffic accidents, driving in dangerous situations, dealing with automobile emergencies

Created by Alison

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DGS Free Defensive Driving Courses - Defensive Driver Training

Free Defensive Driving Courses # 4 - Defensive Driver Training by DGS

Road traffic accidents (RTAs) are a major source of disability and death in humans. Every day, thousands of people worldwide are killed or injured in road accidents. These events endanger people's lives and create a significant amount of property, business, human, and economic damage. 

DGS’ free defensive driving course was created to support the reduction of the frequency, severity, and cost of vehicle-related incidents. This driver safety training is aimed to encourage drivers to think about reducing risks in order to survive in today's highway transportation systems. After completing each module, the learner is required to take a brief evaluation in order to go to the next module. At the end of the course, your workers will need to take a final assessment. Learners who successfully finish the course will be awarded a four-year completion certificate.

Cost: Free

Features: defensive driving overview, risks and hazards on the road, how to check your vehicle before driving

Created by DGS

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EdApp Free Defensive Driving Courses - Autosobriety to Prevent Drink-Driving in South Africa

Free Defensive Driving Courses # 5 - Autosobriety to Prevent Drink-Driving in South Africa by EdApp

EdApp's free defensive driving course was created by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) with the assistance of Pernod Ricard. It seeks to advance the UN Global Road Safety Performance Target #9, which is to cut the number of alcohol-related road traffic injuries and fatalities by half by 2030.

Taking this course will allow your learners to not only respond to drunk driving on the road but also encourage them to be part of the anti-drunk driving movement. The autosobriety program consists of four lessons that will provide them with basic information on road safety and collision statistics, the influence of alcohol on driving ability, the hazards of driving while intoxicated, the legal repercussions of doing so, and your personal obligation to avoid drink-driving. Learners will be able to get a certificate upon completion of this course. 

Cost: Free

Features: statistics on road traffic crashes, drinking and driving, avoiding "drinking and driving"

Created by EdApp

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DriveSafe Online Free Defensive Driving Courses - Defensive Driving Course

Free Defensive Driving Courses # 6 - Defensive Driving Course by DriveSafe Online

Road traffic accidents have been happening more often as a result of the lack of defensive driving education and people's awareness of road safety and driver responsibilities. DriveSafe Online's free defensive driving course assists your team in improving their road awareness, understanding and recognizing road dangers, and recalling and using safe driving strategies when it counts the most – behind the wheel.

The course modules contain a collection of chapters and themes dedicated to overall driver safety and specifically to defensive driving. DriveSafe enables users to make use of locked and finished indicators allowing you to easily follow your progress through the course. Users are able to access the menu to rapidly return to completed material for evaluation as many times as they choose.

Cost: Free

Features: video demos, closed captioning, quizzes

Created by DriveSafe Online

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EdApp Free Defensive Driving Courses - Defensive Driving for Heavy Vehicles

Free Defensive Driving Courses # 7 - Defensive Driving for Heavy Vehicles by EdApp

Truck and bus drivers know that operating heavier vehicles is a lot different than driving your average car. Apart from the weight of the vehicle itself, the loaded cargo can cause the trucks to respond more slowly to quick change maneuvers from the driver. That’s why it’s important that your drivers who operate heavier vehicles know how to defensively drive while operating these vehicles. The topics tackled in this course are defensive driving for truck drivers and defensive driving for cars. 

Located in EdApp’s free and fully customizable course library, you can integrate your organization’s own branding materials to this course and even add your own images and videos to the lessons. EdApp’s authoring tools allow you to create visually stunning lessons, crafted specifically for your learners.

Cost: Free

Features: defensive driving for truck drivers, defensive driving for cars, quizzes

Created by EdApp

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NSC Free Defensive Driving Courses - Defensive Driving Course

Free Defensive Driving Courses # 8 - Defensive Driving Course by NSC

Individuals, their families, and businesses as a whole suffer significant financial and personal losses as a result of road traffic injuries. These losses result from the expense of treatment, lost productivity for workers killed or crippled by their injuries, as well as for family members who must miss work or school to care for their injured loved ones.

NSC’s defensive driving online courses offer cost-effective solutions aimed to keep your workers safe on the road, decrease the risk of traffic accidents, minimize exposure to liability risks, and reducing vehicle repair bills and replacement costs. Your learners will be able to learn more about real-life driving scenarios, hazard recognitions, and defensive driving techniques.

Cost: Free

Features: real-life driving scenarios, hazard recognition situations, defensive driving techniques

Created by NSC

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OSHAcademy Free Defensive Driving Courses - Defensive Driving

Free Defensive Driving Courses # 9 - Defensive Driving by OSHAcademy

While a driver can manage his or her own behavior behind the wheel, controlling the actions of other drivers is practically impossible. Drivers should, however, be trained in defensive driving skills in order to prevent a collision regardless of the driving faults of others.

OSHAcademy’s free defensive driving course lists down defensive driving assessment and response techniques such as scanning the road, using hand signals and flashers, keeping a margin of safety between you and other drivers, and what to do with struck-by hazards, among others.

Cost: Free

Features: spotter safety, safe operation techniques, worker training

Created by OSHAcademy

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Drive Safe Today Free Defensive Driving Courses - Defensive Driving Course Online

Free Defensive Driving Courses # 10 - Defensive Driving Course Online by Drive Safe Today

Inexperienced and naive drivers frequently take to the road without considering the weight of their behaviors on the road or the danger they represent to themselves, others, and property in general. Weather, alcohol, and the condition of the cars involved in the collision are some of the additional factors that contribute to these events. The course touches on driving safety techniques and how to spot hazardous and risky situations on the road.

Drive Safe Today offers multiple free defensive driving courses, no matter what state you’re in. The courses are compliant with each state’s driving regulations and are recognized by the DMV. They’re available online and you can stop and retake them at any time you want. 

Cost: Free

Features: certification, accessible on any device, assessments

Created by Drive Safe Today

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iDriveSafely Free Defensive Driving Course - New York Defensive Driving Course Online

Free Defensive Driving Course #11 - New York Defensive Driving Course Online

iDrivesafely’s New York Defensive Driving course Online gives you all the timely and relevant information you need to be a responsible driver. If you’re based in New York, this course is ideal for you as it tackles specific topics that are unique to this state, like its traffic signs and laws. It will also go over the techniques for defensive driving. Other topics include responsible driving practices. 

  • Cost:  Free
  • Scope: New York traffic signs, responsible driving practices, defensive driving strategies and techniques, new York driving laws

Created by iDriveSafely

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DefensiveDriving Free Defensive Driving Course - Defensive Driver Training

Free Defensive Driving Course #12 - Defensive Driver Training 

This defensive driver training course by DefensiveDriving is designed for security professionals. Here, you’ll learn how to drive safely according to RoSPA standards. You’ll also be equipped with the skills for protecting the people you’re working for by being able to detect and react to potential threats. It even goes over specific topics like route planning, counter surveillance, and more. 

  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: Safe Driving to RoSPA standards, route planning, vehicle security & search techniques, anti-ambush/hi-jack drills, counter surveillance, convoy drills, day & night driving, vehicle-based first aid

Created by DefensiveDriving

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Protect your workers with free defensive driving courses

Road traffic accidents arise as a result of poor traffic education and awareness. Every year, around 1.3 million people's lives are lost as a consequence of traffic accidents. Non-fatal injuries affect between 20 and 50 million more individuals, with many becoming permanently disabled as a result of their injuries. Not to mention that your company will have to pay for the collateral and vehicle damages brought about by road traffic accidents. You can protect your workers and vehicles by taking one or more of the free defensive driving courses on this list.

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