learning solution

Choosing the right learning solution

Choosing the right microlearning and training solution for your company can often be a difficult task. With millennial workforces, learners needs have evolved considerably. So how do you choose the right learning platform to meet today’s modern learner needs?

Tap and go training:

Training your employees has never been more important. All companies, regardless of what service or product they provide, must see training as a vital tool for unlocking employee and company potential. Managers must utilise workforce training as an opportunity to expand their workers knowledge base, helping to instil greater levels of employee confidence. However, when it comes to deploying training it can be very difficult to manage with multiple departments and also hundreds of employees with different learning needs.

Ed’s built-in ‘User Groups’ are a great way of sorting your learners into unique groups, based on company departments or even the skill level of a learner. Then with a simple ‘click’ assign certain courses to each user group to ensure the training is relevant for the needs of the specific department or learner.

Agile authoring and deployment:

Companies must create learning that is agile in order to satisfy increasingly millennial dominated audiences. With a workforce that increasingly sees learning and development as a key differentiator of employers, it has never been more important to prioritize employee learning and development.

Ed’s mobile-first solution allows learners to access content anytime and anywhere. Gone are the days of forcing workers to sit through long and boring PowerPoint presentations – instead Ed’s mobile app gives your content the refreshment it needs, through active learning, gamification and more. Authoring also needs to be fast and agile, therefore Ed’s rapid authoring and importation features allows you to simply and quickly adapt content into engaging eLearning.

The learning checklist:

When it comes to developing your training for your company it is very important to ensure you are delivering up-to-date and relevant information. We recommend doing some internal research to gauge how to best to move forward with your eLearning and training.

Consider the following questions:

  • What does the department need help with the most?
  • What training does the department already have?
  • What training do new recruits dislike the most? This can be used as a starting point for improving existing courses.

Microlearning: The solution

When analysing your existing training it is very important to consider whether it is the most effective form of learning delivery. For example, it may be worth-while examining your current in-person training and seeing if this can be converted to microlearning. With Ed’s ever expanding template gallery, you will find it easy to convert large chunks of information into small bite-sized learning, using Ed’s templates. Not only will this save time and money, it will help to increase employee’s ability to retain information whilst being more engaged with the content itself.