Gamification equals motivation

Ed’s gamification tools allow you to quickly and effectively gamify your learning material.

At Ed we believe in the use of gamification in education. Gamified learning motivates learners, leads to better engagement with content, and is proven to improve message retention.

Automatic gamification with achievements

Automatic gamification

Ed comes with gamification built in. Users are rewarded with badges for completing lessons and courses, and can view the progress towards their next reward in their profile.

Real rewards

Ed aims for direct recognition of completion or performance through a simple reward system. Users are allocated stars according to your own criteria. Reward your learners for simple completion, high performance or frequent use. They can then use these stars to redeem real rewards according to your budget.

Gamify your lessons

Ed’s gamification features don’t stop there. The LMS template library allows you to go one step further, with game templates ready to populate with your content to reinforce learning. These templates have the highest engagement and replay rates, so learners love them too!

Gamify your lessons
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