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Warehouse Traffic Management

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About this course

Warehouse traffic safety is not only necessary for our well-being but also for our productivity in retail. This course will make you acquainted with our procedures, rules and signage.

Warehouse Traffic Management Lessons

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  1. Roles in Traffic Management
  2. Controlling Traffic Risks
  3. Vehicle Operation
  4. Signs, Markings and Visibility
  5. Warehouse Traffic Management Review

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Warehouse Traffic Management course excerpts

Roles in Traffic Management

Warehouse Traffic Management Course - Lesson Excerpt

Roles in Traffic Management

Our Responsibility To ensure your safety. To design a working, flowing and safe traffic management plan that takes safety and efficiency into account. To supply you with the PPE, vehicles and safety mechanisms you need to stay safe.

What do we mean by traffic management?

Warehouse traffic includes any vehicle (including forklifts, cars, trucks, etc.) that have a potential to come into contact with employees or visitors.

Controlling Traffic Risks

Warehouse Traffic Management Course - Lesson Excerpt

Controlling Traffic Risks

Vehicle Operation

Warehouse Traffic Management Course - Lesson Excerpt

Vehicle Operation

When pedestrians have to work with vehicles: Any non-essential staff are prohibited, especially when items are being loaded or unloaded. Adhere to the signs designating who should be where. Wear high-visibility clothing. When vehicles are in motion, stand clear and make your co-workers are as well.

For Plant Operators Plant operators should not prepare to load or unload until the loading area is completely clear.

Drivers should be told immediately when the plant operator has completed their task and when it is clear for them to return to their vehicle.

Loadshifting Equipment

Whenever possible, use low-speed, stable loadshifting equipment as opposed to the heavy duty powered mobile plants or pallet movers. If you can use something lightweight to get the job done, do it!

Signs, Markings and Visibility

Warehouse Traffic Management Course - Lesson Excerpt

Signs, Markings and Visibility

We have marked areas clearly indicating: Traffic flow Parking areas Driver safety zones Places where pedestrians are prohibited Clear zones Speed bumps Speed limits

Our Signs Pedestrians Prohibited

Powered Loadshifting Equipment Prohibited.

Zone Safe for Pedestrians


Pedestrians do not cross and give way to vehicles.

Warehouse Traffic Management Review

Warehouse Traffic Management Course - Lesson Excerpt

Warehouse Traffic Management Review

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Warehouse Traffic Management


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