Sexual Harassment in the workplace

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Learn about Sexual Harassment and how it may take form in your workplace. Intended Audience: Businesses in the US

From the author:Sexual harassment training is crucial to any individual in any place, at any time. Ensuring the safety and comfort of all employees should be the first and foremost priority of every organisation. This is why an effective sexual harassment course must be conducted by organisations to deploy company-wide. This course will benefit learners through its engaging and informative nature. Learners will develop skills around what sexual harassment is, its signs and effects, and how to encourage the spread of awareness.

Sexual Harassment in the workplace Lessons

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  1. What is Sexual Harassment?
  2. Know The Signs of Sexual Harassment
  3. Effects of Sexual Harassment
  4. Encourage, Support and Act!

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What you will learn

  • What is Sexual Harassment?
  • Effects of Sexual Harassment
  • Know the Signs of Sexual Harassment
  • Analyzing future opportunities to formulate strategy
  • Encourage, Support and Act!

Sexual Harassment in the workplace course excerpts

What is Sexual Harassment?

Learn what sexual harassment is, and what it looks like in the workplace.
Sexual Harassment in the workplace Course - Lesson Excerpt

While the definition may sound comprehensive; it’s not always clear what exactly constitutes sexual harassment. Let's consider a few scenarios...

You may find it hard to respond to some of these questions. Whether or not a behavior is sexual harassment depends on the context and the interpretation of the receiver. At the most basic level, you (and everyone else) should be able to feel comfortable in the workplace, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or appearance. If something at work is making you or someone you know feel upset, embarrassed or uncomfortable, it should be reported. In the following lessons, we will offer tools that will help you navigate the gray areas and identify the signs of sexual harassment.

Know The Signs of Sexual Harassment

Learn what constitutes sexual harassment
Sexual Harassment in the workplace Course - Lesson Excerpt

It's not always easy to distinguish naive behavior from sexual harassment.

In this lesson, we will offer tools to help you recognize the signs of Sexual Harassment.

Cooper's 6 Levels Ken Cooper's "6 Levels" is a tool that outlines the spectrum of sexual harassment ranging from Aesthetic Appreciation to Ultimate Threat. Swipe to explore each level...

Effects of Sexual Harassment

Learn both the visible and invisible consequences of sexual harassment.
Sexual Harassment in the workplace Course - Lesson Excerpt

Which of the following are health effects of sexual harassment? Choose one answer...

Encourage, Support and Act!

Bystander Approaches to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Sexual Harassment in the workplace Course - Lesson Excerpt

Bystander Responses to Sexual Assault If you see something, say something. But what should you say?

Confrontation Is confrontation a good idea? It depends on the circumstance. Many times, sexual harassers don't see their own behavior as wrong.

It can, in many cases, be a good idea to say something which lets them know. This is where you need to either use your own judgement or seek advice.

Don't just be a bystander Follow these tips to move yourself beyond bystander - encourage, support and act! Talk to the victim - Speak with empathy and let them know they have your support Take timely notes whenever you see something happen. Record the time and place, so you can support the victim if they decide to make a report If you notice the victim stuck in an uncomfortable situation, give them an escape. Go up to them and ask if they'd like to get a coffee or tea - give them a chance to get out of there unscathed.

Sexual Harassment in the workplace Course Author

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Good course that touches on an important subject in Sexual Harassment. Even if no malice is intended, things that are said and done may indeed be causing harm to others.

Fairly pointless. Anybody willing to perpetuate this kind of negative environment in the workplace is not going to be deterred by this training, or any form of sexual harassment training.

In my workplace we have policies on sexual harassment in and out the office. we even policy on sexual harassment with our beneficiaries. So as result we don't have issue of sexual harassment

Very helpful for workplace

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