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Learn how to be a waiter and give your guests the best possible dining experience!

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  1. Venue Layout and Sequence of Service
  2. Taking an Order
  3. Table Maintenance, Carrying and Clearing
  4. Selling Strategies
  5. Sources

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Serving Food course excerpts

Venue Layout and Sequence of Service

Learn about the key areas of a restaurant, and the correct procedure for serving your customers.

Serving Food Course - Lesson Excerpt

Venue Layout and Sequence of Service Get ready to be served a great lesson. This lesson is about our restaurant layout, and how to greet, seat and talk to your customers.

First lets look at the layout of a restaurant, including sections and seating. On the next slide, click on the different images of our restaurant to familiarise yourself with each area.

Greet and Seat Customers should generally be acknowledged within 30 seconds of entering the restaurant this will usually be done by the Host. The Host will also escort your guests to their table.

Introduce yourself Once the table has been seated and you approach the table, introduce yourself. This way, the table knows exactly who their waiter is, and that their needs are going to be catered to from the very start. Your greeting should be sincere and friendly. Smile and ask how they are today.

Give the guests water You should also check if your guests would like water. You should suggest sparkling or tap water, and also make sure that each guest has easy access to a food menu and drinks menu.

Introduce and order drinks After the guest have received their water, you should ask the table if they would like to order any drinks. You can go through the drinks menu and let them know about any drinks specials or make some recommendations.

Know your table Get to know the table a bit, what’s the occasion? Ask whether they have been here before and if they are familiar with the menus.

Introduce the Food Menu If they're not familiar with the menu, explain the main sections or dishes on the menu. If specials are offered they you should explain them to the table.

Why is it important to greet your customers before taking their order? Select all correct answers.

Taking an Order

Learn how to take an order efficiently, and get it right the first time.

Serving Food Course - Lesson Excerpt

Taking an Order This lesson will give you some great advice on the most effective way to take an order, and make sure you get it right the first time.

It will also take your through how to input the order into a Point of Sale ordering system. First, here's how to take an order.

Taking Orders Here's some handy tips to help you out. Alright, let's go!

Knowing the menu is important for you as a waiter because... Select all correct answers.

If your venue uses separate screens or computers to input the order in various locations throughout your restaurant, you should try to enter your tables order into one of these as soon as possible. This will help you to ensure that no orders get forgotten in the hustle and bustle of table maintenance and a busy restaurant. After entering the order into your restaurant’s ordering system, reread it again. That way, you ensure that it is complete and accurate, and includes any additional customer requirements.

Table Maintenance, Carrying and Clearing

Learn to maintain a section of tables, confidently carry plates, and communicate with your team of wait staff.

Serving Food Course - Lesson Excerpt

Table Maintenance, Carrying and Clearing



Load the tray evenly, with the heaviest items in the centre and lighter items around the edge.

Carry the tray with your strongest arm, and with your elbow in at the waist. Spread your fingers to spread the weight.

Bend to the right level and then slide the tray onto your arm. When walking, look ahead, not at the tray.

Selling Strategies

Use upselling and suggestive selling techniques.

Serving Food Course - Lesson Excerpt

Selling Strategies

An important selling skill is Upselling. What is this?

Here's some more quick selling tips... Show care for our guests This includes being memorable and patient in your interactions. It also involves making the customer feel that by following up on your suggestion, they got the better deal. If a guest trusts you, they will be more open to your suggestions. ** Make specific suggestions**, whether this be extras or other dishes. A good way to do this is to say something like "My favourite dish is..."

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Serving Food


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