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Personal Hygiene (Fast Casual)

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Personal hygiene is a big deal for our business. Learn all about personal hygiene practices and their importance to us in this course.

Personal Hygiene (Fast Casual) Lessons

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  1. A Hand on Hygiene
  2. Understanding Uniforms
  3. Personal Hygiene in Food Safety

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Personal Hygiene (Fast Casual) course excerpts

A Hand on Hygiene

What is personal hygiene, and what can you use to maintain good personal hygiene in the workplace? Learn all that and more in this lesson.

Personal Hygiene (Fast Casual) Course - Lesson Excerpt

Personal Hygiene

In our line of work, we take cleanliness and hygiene very seriously. That's why we establish practices to guide us in observing proper hygiene.

Our practices are so simple that we might sometimes forget to do them. Let's review them to give your memory a little nudge.

What's the end game? The goal of this lesson is to refresh your knowledge in personal hygiene. We'll discuss: standard hygiene practices in our facility; and tools we can use to observe proper hygiene.

Enjoying Your Food People feel more at ease if the person serving their food is well-groomed. We trust food handlers who are neat because we feel that the food is clean and safe for consumption. This is why personal hygiene is essential. Keeping ourselves clean and well-groomed makes our customers feel safe eating or drinking our products. But how do we keep ourselves clean and well-groomed?

Our Hygiene Practices Swipe left to learn more about our hygiene practices.

Keep It Short Let's keep our nails short and clean all the time. If you prefer to let your hair grow, you should wear it up or secure it with a hairnet.

Cover It Up Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or use a facemask and other personal protective equipment such as aprons or gloves. If you get any cuts or scrapes, cover them before reporting for duty.

Avoid Accessories Never wear your earrings, rings, or other unnecessary accessories during your shift, no matter how big or small they are. These accessories may include mobiles or gadgets.

Hands Off Itchy cheeks? Stop! Don't you scratch. Avoid touching your face or other body parts while working on food preparation.

Health Is Wealth If you feel sick, notify your direct manager immediately. Please don't come to work to avoid the spread of illness and contamination of our products.

Wash, Wash, Wash Take care of your body with regular baths and frequent handwashing to avoid the spread of germs and pathogens.

Understanding Uniforms

Properly wearing your uniform is an excellent personal hygiene practice. In this lesson, learn more about our uniforms and their relation to personal hygiene.

Personal Hygiene (Fast Casual) Course - Lesson Excerpt


We've established the personal hygiene practices and tools we use in our facility in the previous lesson.

Now, let's find out more about our uniforms, and why they are part of our hygiene.

What's the end game? The goal of this lesson is to help you understand our uniforms. We'll discuss: what our uniforms do for you; how you can take care of your uniform; and why they're important.

Maintaining Your Uniform Your uniform is your wingman at work. Swipe left to find out how to maintain it.

WASH We encourage you to wash your uniform consistently, especially when they get soiled on the job. We have a few tips for washing your uniforms.

Segregate your clothes. Avoid washing colored clothes with whites. Another helpful tip is that you can handwash cotton and wool fabrics but only machine wash cotton, not wool.

IRON or STARCH If you have extra time, your uniform would benefit from the extra love through ironing or starching.

Helpful tip: You can use extra starch for uniforms that crease easily. However, you should never starch fabrics such as silk or jerseys.

STORE It goes without saying that after washing, drying, ironing, or starching, you must store your uniform correctly instead of leaving it out.

Personal Hygiene in Food Safety

You now have a hand in hygiene and understand our uniforms. In this lesson, you'll learn why knowing all that is necessary.

Personal Hygiene (Fast Casual) Course - Lesson Excerpt

Personal Hygiene In Food Safety

We've covered personal hygiene practices and uniforms in the previous lessons. Now let's cover the relationship between personal hygiene and food safety.

What's the end game? The goal of this lesson is to highlight the importance of personal hygiene to food safety. We'll discuss: consequences of poor personal hygiene; governing bodies for food safety; and responsibilities related to food safety.

Food Safety Responsibilities The FDA and FSA govern our processes with standards that highlight hygiene practices as contributors to meeting food safety standards. The laws are different per country or area, but what's in common is our adherence to hygiene practices. It is up to us to meet the set food safety guidelines by maintaining cleanliness in our facility and following hygiene practices such as: Keeping fingernails short and clean; Tying the hair up or using a hairnet; Wearing personal protective equipment; and Proper handwashing, to name a few. We have our responsibilities and we must always meet them to protect our customers from harm and to maintain our brand.

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Personal Hygiene (Fast Casual)


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