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NYC's COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

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On August 17th, 2021, Mayor Bill de Blasio issued Emergency Executive Order 225 for New York City, requiring proof of vaccination for indoor dining. This module will help you enforce this mandate in our restaurant.

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  1. Enforcing NYC's COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

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Enforcing NYC's COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

NYC's COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Course - Lesson Excerpt

NYC's COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate New Yorkers are survivors. We've all been through dark times in the past year, but the light is in the distance.

Because of COVID-19 variants making up the majority of new cases, the mayor has issued a vaccine mandate for all indoor activity in New York City. Here's where you come in.

To continue to operate and return to some sense of normalcy in our beloved city, there will need to be effort extra from us to enforce this new mandate, and to possibly deal with conflict. This module will help you do that.

First, let's acknowledge that this can get awkward. It is hard to confront someone about their vaccine status. It is a personal choice whether to be vaccinated or not, and it is not our job to educate others. We are simply asking a question, and following the law. Ultimately, the vaccine mandate is in the interest of our and our patrons' safety. Just remember, you have the support of the staff, the restaurant, and the city, if any confrontation becomes difficult. Most of the time, this will be as easy as asking for a valid ID to drink alcohol. Except now, we're asking for proof of vaccination before seating indoors.

There are three forms of vaccination proof that have been laid out by the city. If any patron of a party is missing a vaccination proof and valid ID, they will not be seated indoors.

The most common will be the COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card. This was given out at vaccination sites across the city, and it should have a record of all shots received. We only require the patron has received ONE shot of any vaccine.

The Excelsior Pass and New York City COVID Safe apps will also be accepted and should have a unique QR code we scan for validation.

In the rare case that a patron becomes difficult or upset, practice the following de-escalation protocols.

Validation We can acknowledge the frustrating situation by validating the customer's feelings instead of arguing against them. Usually this is all it takes for a customer to de-escalate. Use statements like: “I know it's frustrating. I'm sorry about that.”

Non-verbal Communication Maintain eye contact with the patron and acknowledge their statements. Remember, your goal is to relax the situation. Your stance and non-verbal communication can be just as important as what you say. Nod to acknowledge your listening to them.

The Legal Argument Let the person know that the vaccine mandate is the law and our restaurant abides by it. If the situation continues, or escalates, you have the right to call authorities.

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NYC's COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate


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