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Managing Remote Employees

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New ways of working are becoming the norm, while this shift can bring many challenges these can easily be overcome and avoided by following the practical tips provided in this course.

Managing Remote Employees Lessons

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  1. Resilience & Adaptability
  2. How to Manage Remote Employees
  3. How to Set Up Your Remote Working Team
  4. Ways to Engage Remote Team Members

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Managing Remote Employees course excerpts

Resilience & Adaptability

Managing Remote Employees Course - Lesson Excerpt

Best practices for talking about sensitive subjects Schedule some time to have a private catch up with the individual Start with open ended questions Be positive Follow up We'll dive deeper into these in the following slides...

How to Manage Remote Employees

Managing Remote Employees Course - Lesson Excerpt

Managing Remote Employees This lesson will guide you through some of the industry best practices for managing remote employees.

Establish Routines Most people like routines, especially in times of chaos and uncertainty routines gives employees peace of mind

How to Set Up Your Remote Working Team

Managing Remote Employees Course - Lesson Excerpt

Setting Up Your Remote Working Team This lesson will cover some practical tips you can implement with your team.

Firstly, it's important to know that everyone has different approaches to structuring their day. Some like to focus on high concentration tasks in the morning and do their admin tasks towards the end of the day, while it might be the opposite for others.

Ergonomics Employees are likely to be more productive when they have an ergonomic workspace setup. Musculoskeletal problems commonly arise from working in awkward postures, repetitive task like typing, and long hours spent sitting. Check out additional courses in EdApp content library for resources you can share with your team.

Depending on available budget you might like to set aside some money for your team to expense small office items that can improve ergonomics, otherwise small investments in ergonomic education can have a significant impact on improved productivity.

New systems Are you providing employees with new hardware and/or software to use while working from home? Identify whether your team might need training on how to use these possibly new and unfamiliar tools.

Ways to Engage Remote Team Members

Managing Remote Employees Course - Lesson Excerpt

Online lunch date If you have the budget let team members expense up to a certain amount for this occasion. Idea source: Atlassian's engineering team

Skillsharing Encourage your team to suggest and run skill sharing workshops with the team. These don't need to be work related, it can be something as simple as like scone making or meditation. Idea source: Figma

Shout outs Public announcements via teleconferencing or via team or company wide IM channels.

Small Tokens of Appreciation Small gifts like food and remote working self care items, can easily be sent via the multitude of external gift providers and many have items to accomodate various budgets.

Development Opportunities While some organisations are facing a slow down, this is a good time to provide development opportunities within your teams.

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Managing Remote Employees


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