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How to find a job right now

By Ready for a change
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This course will help you find the right job for you

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  1. Your job right now is to get a job
  2. What do you want to do?
  3. Supercharge your search
  4. Widening your search
  5. How to build an ace LinkedIn Profile
  6. Feedback

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How to find a job right now course excerpts

Your job right now is to get a job

How to find a job right now Course - Lesson Excerpt

WHERE TO BEGIN Before you start your search there's a few simple things you can do to get ready Structure your day Search yourself on google Setup your social Think about what you want

What do you want to do?

How to find a job right now Course - Lesson Excerpt

WHERE TO BEGIN Here are the questions you're gonna need to answer: What's your passion? Where and how do you like to work? What jobs are you likely to get?

When you've got your list of answers, your passion will be the common ground between the two. If you're struggling, put them side by side and try and pair them up.

** Where and How? ** Now let's think about how you work best. What's your max. commute? Any financial constraints? 2. Do you have any constraints in your personal life? e.g. caring responsibilities? 3. How do you prefer to work? Remotely? In the office? Mixture? 4. What type of contract am I looking for? Permanent? Part-time? Temporary?

Bringing it all together Now you should have three clear criteria that you can use to direct you job search: What you're passionate about doing How you want to do it The jobs you could do it in

Supercharge your search

How to find a job right now Course - Lesson Excerpt

Where to begin We're going to supercharge your job search using a technique from Steve Dalton called the 2hr Job Search This technique is going to help you find jobs BEFORE they're listed. Getting in early will boost your chance for success. What we'll cover Things you'll need Building a list of companies Prioritising them Getting in touch

Our Top Five Tips! It's a numbers game. Not everyone will get back to you. Stay positive and plan your next move. 2. No response after 5 days? Find someone else in the company and email them. 3. No response after 11 days? Follow up with your original contact asking if there's a convenient time to talk. 4. Try up to 3-5 people for your dream companies. 5. If you know about a job, mention it in your first email so they know how to advocate for you.

Good Job!

How to build an ace LinkedIn Profile

How to find a job right now Course - Lesson Excerpt

Top Five Tips! Photo = clear and professional looking 2. Add any certs, diplomas, awards in the featured section 3. Go to LinkedIn settings and turn visibility to recruiters ON 4. Experience; You only need the last 12-15 years. 5. Add a couple of lines of responsibility to each experience

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How to find a job right now

Ready for a change

Ready for a change© are a group of learning and development experts dedicated to help people who've lost their job because of COVID-19.

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