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Handling Power Tools

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About this course

Want more information on using power tools safely? Then this is the course for you.

From the author

This course provides all the essential information needed for understanding how to use power tools safely, touching on general safety and the avoidance of common injuries. The Handling Power Tools course integrates visual representations to ensure the most detailed approach to understanding the functions and hazards of commonly used power tools in various industries.

What you will learn

  • General Safety
  • Common Injuries

Handling Power Tools Lessons

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  1. General Safety
  2. Common Injuries

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Handling Power Tools course excerpts

General Safety

This lesson contains general safety information for any power tool.

Handling Power Tools Course - Lesson Excerpt

Welcome This course will help you understand how to safely handle power tools

There are a few general rules to follow that will help you and your co workers stay safe while using power tools. Let's jump right in and look at the first rule you should follow!

Always inspect your tools...

Never issue or use a damaged or defective hand or power tool. Always make sure they are in good working order before and after each use.

A simple frayed wire or loose guard could cause a serious injury.

You can't find the correct PPE for a quick task to finish up your work for the day, what should you do?

# Keep your workspace clean A cluttered floor can lead to accidental trips or falls which can be extremely dangerous when working with hand and power tools.

From the list below which procedures do you think are most important? Scrolling to see more answers ...

Common Injuries

After this lesson you should realise the life changing effects bad practice can have.

Handling Power Tools Course - Lesson Excerpt

Injuries can be caused by user error, accidents, or from manufacturer’s defects in the tool.

On the next slide we will see the price you pay if you do not follow proper safety procedures!




Eye injuries

Puncture wounds


Which do you think is the most dangerous power tool from the list below? Rated by number of visits to the ER/year

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Handling Power Tools


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