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Courier Delivery Operations

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Courier Delivery has changed the face of how person-to-person and business transactions occur; we are the people behind the scenes who are responsible for consistently delivering happiness and satisfaction to millions of people worldwide. We created this course to help you ease into our team. This course provides a rundown of how courier delivery services operate, ways to improve your current performance as a courier, some materials to prepare you for the worst-case scenarios on the job, and a dictionary of the terms introduced in this course.

Courier Delivery Operations Lessons

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  1. How do courier services work?
  2. How can I upgrade my performance?
  3. How can I prepare for the worst-case scenarios?
  4. Courier Delivery Dictionary

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Courier Delivery Operations course excerpts

How do courier services work?

Courier Delivery Operations Course - Lesson Excerpt

HOW DO COURIER SERVICES WORK? A look into Courier Delivery Operations

Everyone wants everything now. Modern technology has changed the face of how day-to-day transactions happen.

How does this change the game with courier deliveries? Everyone is seeking for things to be done faster and easier-- they want immediate results and instant gratification.

A customer makes an order.

The seller delivers the orders to a local depot.

We pick up the orders at the local depot.

We drive the packages to the designated area of distribution.

We assign your delivery routes and delegate designated packages to you.

You deliver the packages straight to the customers' homes or offices.

Join us! Help us deliver happiness to millions of people worldwide!

As a part of our team, you will be in charge of your time.

You will be responsible for delivering and handling our valued customers' packages.

And if you have any qualms about this job, we got you! In this course, we will help you reach your best performance and prepare you for the worst-case scenarios on the job.

How can I upgrade my performance?

Courier Delivery Operations Course - Lesson Excerpt

UPGRADING MY PERFORMANCE A look into Courier Delivery Operations

Imagine a machine... Like machines, we all work and coordinate with each other like a sophisticated system.

...and like any other machine, the smallest malfunction with the smallest cog can shut the whole machine down.

But worry not, we got you covered! In this lesson, we will help you... Assess yourself at your current level, Set expectations for better work performance, Make small adjustments to help you narrow the gap between your current performance and set expectations, and Provide tips and solutions to make your job easier.

Monitoring Stage 1 This is the stage where you try to meet yourself at your current level. We will begin with an audit. Reserve your judgments when answering the following questions... How many total packages have you delivered in the past week? How many of those packages were late deliveries? Have you lost any packages in the past week? If so, how many? Your answers will serve as our baseline as we try to help you optimize your performance.

Evaluation Stage 2

Imagine a line. Try to locate where your current level is, based on our prior audit. On the line, draw a point at where you feel you currently are.

Where does the line end? Now, let's set expectations. These expectations will serve as your goal performance. On the line, draw a point in which you would like to arrive at, from the starting point.

Mind the gap. Here is the crucial part: The goal with performance optimization is to try to narrow the gap between your starting point and your endpoint.

Set realistic and measurable goals. You can use this analogy for any of the following aspects...

Efficiency How can I do the same task with lesser time and fewer resources? Factors: delivery routes, time, energy, gasoline

Accuracy How can I minimize or avoid committing mistakes when making deliveries? Factors: late deliveries, missed parcels, customer trust

Making Adjustments Stage 3 The goal of this stage is to narrow the gap between your current performance and your expectations. Take note! Follow through with the adjustments for at least a week to assess if the results are consistent with the adjustments. Make an audit of the results. This is why the adjustments should be measurable and tangible. You don't need to get amazing results immediately; just observe what's happening. Here's a tip: Think of this as an experiment.

Second (or Final) Evaluation Stage 4

Let's go back to the line. After making a new audit on the results of your adjustments, ask...

How closer are you to narrowing the gap between your prior audit and your set expectations?

Repeat the cycle. If you still find yourself unable to close the gap, then we experiment again. Which aspects do you still need to improve on? In this case, we will go back to the first step of the cycle: monitoring. Click here for a refresher of the Improvement Cycle.

Self-improvement is a lifelong process. No matter how incremental the changes, if you maintain a mindset towards growth, time will reward your efforts. Goals only serve as endpoints; growth happens in your daily habits.

How can I prepare for the worst-case scenarios?

Courier Delivery Operations Course - Lesson Excerpt

PREPARING FOR THE WORST-CASE SCENARIOS A look into Courier Delivery Operations

Everyone plays a part. There will be instances wherein the source of the solution will come from us, from you, or from other departments.

Let's get you prepared. In this lesson, we will... Give you a rundown of the common barriers with courier services, and Some tips on preventing and solving these problems.


Track your performance*. Do you still have aspects you want to improve on? *Take the second lesson to assess your current level and to start making adjustments towards a better performance.

Set your priorities before starting your shift. Do you have priority deliveries?

Optimize your routes. Are you familiar with your area's peak hours and traffic congestion? Familiarize your designated area and schedule your routes accordingly.

Delivering Good Customer Service Be friendly. Greet the customer with a smile, be courteous, and always respond politely. Be proactive. Ask them for feedback, actively listen to their concerns, and respond promptly. Be empathetic. Once you receive feedback, make sure to act on it. Show gratitude. Never forget to say "thank you".

Courier Delivery Dictionary

Courier Delivery Operations Course - Lesson Excerpt

Courier Delivery Dictionary A look into Courier Delivery Operations

Preface This short lesson is a compilation of the terms introduced in the course. The terms are categorized **by lesson. ** Click on the items on the next slide to direct you to a specific lesson.

How do courier services work? Lesson 1

Preparing for the Worst-case Scenarios Lesson 3

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Courier Delivery Operations


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