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5S Workplace Productivity

By Lean Vision Co. Ltd.
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How to Build an Efficient & Organized Workplace

5S Workplace Productivity Lessons

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  2. Introduction to 5S
  3. 5S Pillars
  4. Sort
  5. Set
  6. Shine
  7. Standardize
  8. Sustain
  9. Safety | The 6th S

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Start Here

5S Workplace Productivity Course - Lesson Excerpt

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Introduction to 5S

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5S Workplace Productivity Course - Lesson Excerpt

Leaders are always looking for ways to reduce costs, increase sales, and adapt to our fast-changing business environment.

Look no further than "5S", a simple organizational strategy that can transform the way you work.

5S is about efficiency, competitiveness, and survival. It's a straightforward system that creates an organized and productive workplace.

In any business landscape, chaos and unproductivity are your enemies; order and efficiency will be your allies.

If implemented correctly and followed diligently, 5S will lead to : Lower costs Better quality Improved safety Increased productivity Higher employee satisfaction

From the offices of upper management to the workstations in the factory, the power of this system will quickly reveal itself in your bottom line.

Hello I'm Khalid Said your coach & companion for this course...

...I'm the Managing Director of Lean Vision Ltd. UK, a Senior LEAN Consultant at IMIG International.

5S Pillars

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5S Workplace Productivity Course - Lesson Excerpt

Don't accept excuses, totally deny the status quo. -- Hiroyuki Hirano

Originally developed by Hiroyuki Hirano for manufacturing companies in Japan, the principles of 5S translate well to the laboratory, the repair facility, and even the corporate office. Almost any work environment will benefit from the structure and efficiency this model provides.

5S, also called the five pillars, because just like the physical pillars that hold up a structure, 5S has five elements that support the effectiveness of the system. And just like the pillars of a building, if one was to weaken or fail, the entire structure would fall.


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5S Workplace Productivity Course - Lesson Excerpt

Sort or Seiri in Japanese, is the process of removing all the items not needed for current production from the workspace.


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5S Workplace Productivity Course - Lesson Excerpt

Set in Order, or Seiton in Japanese, is the process of putting everything in a place that is easy to get to. All items should be clearly marked so anyone can easily find its proper home.

With the right colors in the right places, you can easily keep workers on the right path, identify equipment and storage areas, hazardous flooring and forklift traffic and more. Implement this useful guideline to establish floor marking consistency in your workplace

YELLOW Aisleways & Traffic Lanes; Paths of Egress; Work Cells

RED Defect/Scrap Area; Red Tag Area

ORANGE Material or Product Inspection; Energized Equipment

GREEN Materials & Manufacturing: Finished Goods

BLUE Materials & Manufacturing: Raw Materials

BLACK Materials & Manufacturing: Works in Progress

BLACK & YELLOW Areas which present physical or health risks to employees

RED & WHITE Areas to be kept clear for safety reasons

BLACK & WHITE Areas to be kept clear for operational purposes


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5S Workplace Productivity Course - Lesson Excerpt

Shine, or Seiso in Japanese means removing all the dirt and grime and keeping the workplace clean on daily basis. You want to get it clean and keep it clean.

What if an employee sees a pool of oil that wasn’t there before or notices a safety hazard?

If it’s a quick fix, put a maintenance tag on it and notify your supervisor. If something needs further evaluation, there should be a maintenance log you can fill out that will ensure further action. And don’t forget your computers and other office equipment! They need to be defragmented (PCs) and air-dusted periodically to keep them in good condition. Everything is coming together. The groundwork has been set for a successful 5S implementation. Now we move on to the pillar that will be the glue that keeps it all together: Standardize.


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5S Workplace Productivity Course - Lesson Excerpt

Standardize, or Seiketsu in Japanese, creates a system of tasks and procedures that will ensure the principles of 5S are performed on a daily basis.


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5S Workplace Productivity Course - Lesson Excerpt

Sustain, or Shitsuke in Japanese, gives your staff the commitment and motivation to follow each step, day in and day out.

Safety | The 6th S

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5S Workplace Productivity Course - Lesson Excerpt

Safety is an ongoing process supported by nearly all pillars of the 5S system.

5S is a system, a philosophy, and a culture.

The true power of 5S reveals itself when your whole organization embraces its ideals and your employees see that your business is transforming itself.

The 5S model for workplace efficiency and organization is both powerful and simple. It has the potential to transform your company into a safe and productive warehouse, manufacturing facility, or office.

One of 5S’s most powerful attributes is that it’s a visual model. Each tool has an outlined home and each pathway is marked with lines. Vision is our dominant sense, and because 5S uses colors, lines, and labels to organize, following the steps becomes second nature very easily.

Remove the clutter with Sort, organize with Set to Order, clean with Shine, set your routine with Standardize, and motivate with Sustain. It's that easy!

Second, evaluate your procedures, reports, metrics, all the meetings, and policies that could be causing chaos, or is not truly necessary. Follow the LEAN approach aimed at eliminating "waste" in product and processes while satisfying your customer.

Delegate authority and decision-making to the lowest level possible, especially those that affect your customer. When you empower people to solve problems at their level, you can eliminate chaos since problems are solved as they happen.

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5S Workplace Productivity

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