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We’re worked hard to search the web for some great PowerPoint training files across a range of different industries and topics. Even better, with EdApp you can upload these and any PowerPoint training files directly into our tool to have them converted into our beautiful microlearning templates.

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5s Training Courses

In this list of courses, we’ll walk you through the foundations on 5S training, process in implementing goals through 5S methodology, and ways to develop your own 5S programs. Turn your old PowerPoint presentations into a mobile friendly format with microlearning.

First Aid PowerPoint Courses

We’ve compiled courses that dives into the first aid essentials starting from common knowledge basics, as well procedures on providing first aid for medical emergencies and medical care for animal bites. With this you’ll see the effectiveness of turning these PowerPoint presentations into free micro-learning courses that you can deploy to your team!

Leadership Training Courses

Here you’ll find PowerPoint training presentations that discuss the differences of 20th and 21st century leadership skills, then dive into concepts and definitions of leadership, and introduce the advantages of understanding facilitative leadership. Empower your teams with interactive microlearning lessons to increase engagement rates.

Sales Training PowerPoint courses

We’ve collected courses from the art of selling right through to advanced sales techniques. Explore our collection of courses and sample converting these into PowerPoint and take them with the power of microlearning in our mobile app.

Fire Safety PowerPoint courses

You’ll find everything you need to organise ongoing fire safety for your teams. Content such as fire prevention and OSHA fire safety training are explored in the content we’ve curated. Take these into microlearning and watch your teams engagement rates increase dramatically.

Soft Skills Training PowerPoint courses

Looking to improve the soft skills of your team? You’ll find all of the resources that you need here in our collection. You can have a look at our time management, conflict resolution and creative thinking courses. As always, we recommend converting them into our powerful microlearning format which you can do using our handy tool!

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