EdApp Care Learning Software: Disease state awareness education for direct care workers

Direct care workers

Care for residents of long-term care facilities is time, resource and staff intensive, particularly given that most residents have multiple medical conditions that require attention and care. Direct care workers – Certified Nursing Assistants and Personal Care Assistants – spend significant time with residents, and are therefore valuable “observation multipliers,” who can help monitor the wellness of residents.

Care Software & Disease-state awereness

A major international life sciences company recognized the challenge of “disease-state awareness” in long-term care facilities, where the incidence of neurological conditions is significantly higher than in the community at large. This company selected Improvement Sciences (ImSci) to work with a team of medical writers, project managers and review committees to create a groundbreaking mobile-first microlearning course to educate direct care workers on how to recognize and report the neurological status of residents. In short order, this talented team delivered not one, but two courses: one addresses elderly residents, and the other the news of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD’s).

ImSci, harnessing the power of EdApp’s powerful mobile-first microlearning platform, delivered many updates to the course as the content underwent extensive internal company review for branding, content, tone and compliance.

Dr Michael Hunter, Founder of ImSci, stated, “It was the agility of the EdApp platform that enabled us to not only first deliver a draft of the course in a week’s time but also to complete dozens of revisions during the extensive review process, and assist the company in launching a first of its kind disease awareness campaign.”

The final products leverage EdApp’s capabilities – strong customized branding, graphics, and embedded videos to deliver an informative, engaging, and effective learner experience that respects the time of busy healthcare professionals.

About Improvement Sciences

Singularly focused on delivering the right content, at the right time, to the right person, ImSci empowers each person to discover and apply their strengths to flourish in their personal and professional journeys. ImSci understands that learning needs to fit into a busy schedule and the learner’s complex life and must be available when the learner has time. ImSci embraces the disruptive power of EdApp mobile-first microlearning to meet the learner where they live, because “the best learning platform is the one you have with you all the time.

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