Asia Pacific Forum selects EdApp

Asia Pacific Forum selects EdApp to help drive human rights goals through mobile education

The Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions (APF), has today announced the implementation of EdApp to support National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) members in promoting and protecting human rights at the national and international level.  

The APF is a member-based organisation of 25 NHRIs across all corners of the Asia Pacific region. In partnership with members, the APF aims to build a region where everyone can enjoy human rights.  NHRIs are unique, independent bodies established by law or in the constitution to promote and protect human rights in their respective countries.  To help these institutions be as effective as possible in increasingly complex social, cultural, and political environments, the APF offers a comprehensive program of capacity development services to support their members. 

EdApp will act as an integral part of a broader system for the APF to provide training, collaboration spaces and resources for positive human rights change in the communities NHRIs serve. APF is using EdApp, an award-winning microlearning platform, to educate and provide training on human rights issues and NHRI operations through short microlessons, proven to increase comprehension and retention rates.

Kate Turner-Mann, Manager of Capacity Development, Asia Pacific Forum said, As an organisation, we believe in the importance of capability development to support our members promote and protect human rights to drive real change. To help facilitate this, we needed an LMS that suited the needs of our region, that could work in a mobile learning format,  to help deliver vital content and the EdApp platform is just what we need.

EdApp’s mobile-first capabilities and built-in features including AI translation enable APF to easily reach all of its members, communities, and individuals. With the help of EdApp, APF has the freedom to deploy in over 100 languages along with powerful tools such as an agile authoring tool, enabling APF to create beautiful, engaging content to deploy to their learners in record time.

Darren Winterford, CEO, EdApp said, We’re thrilled to welcome APF to the EdApp family. Since our platform is mobile-first, reaching and training dispersed individuals and communities has never been easier and APF is illustrating this beautifully with their expansive reach through the Asia Pacific.

Welcome, Asia Pacific Forum!


About Asia Pacific Forum
Established in 1996, the Asia Pacific Forum (APF) is committed to building a region where everyone can enjoy human rights. As a coalition of 25 National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs), APF works in partnership with NHRIs,  collaborating and sharing expertise to help make this vision a reality. Together, we work to help build fair, just, and inclusive communities, to overcome diverse and complex social, cultural, and political environments to address some of the most complex human rights challenges facing the Asia Pacific region.