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5 Elearning Case Studies


July 26, 2022



Elearning Case Studies

Take your training to the next level by reading up on some elearning case studies. The results of these studies speak for themselves, and they can also work for you and your teams. Below is a list of some elearning case studies that have seen increases in knowledge retention, participation rates, and completion rates. 

Elearning Case Study #1 – Tennis Australia & EdApp

Tennis Australia used elearning to train over 50 part-time and casual staff for the 2022 Australian Open. Preparing for one of the largest sports tournaments in Australia is no easy task. Ball kids aged 12 to 15 have other responsibilities like school or part-time jobs. Gathering over 380 ball kids for training and preparing training courses is a challenge, but it was possible thanks to EdApp’s cross-platform training approach.

Elearning Case Study - Tennis Australia


Tennis Australia handed in its existing training material to EdApp, and EdApp’s team of course designers created different types of engaging courses in days. Training was distributed through invite links and QR codes. All Tennis Australia had to do was either print off a generated dynamic QR code to hang up in a locker room or back office, or send an invite link by SMS text or email. This allowed team members to start their training anytime and anywhere, whenever they had five minutes to spare.

Elearning Case Study - EdApp

When training can be accessed in bite-sized formats on smartphones, not only is it convenient but it also puts the team members in a better mindset to learn and retain their training. EdApp also used game-based lesson slides to make them feel like mini-games rather than training slides. Tennis Australia teams were able to just swipe, drag and drop, and match their way through lessons, leading to higher completion rates. 

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Elearning Case Study #2 – UNITAR & EdApp

The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) incorporated EdApp’s microlearning strategy to educate learners across the globe. Working with EdApp’s mission to democratize learning, UNITAR expanded its reach with elearning by giving microlessons to developing and vulnerable communities in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, and across the Middle East and Africa. 

Elearning Case Study - EdApp

UNITAR delivered courses on some incredible topics like gender inclusivity, peace, women’s entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development Goals, and more. All of these courses can be found in EdApp’s course library for free. They can even be accessed in even the most remote locations where the internet might be unstable or non-existent, thanks to EdApp’s offline mode feature. 

Elearning Case Study #3 – Pandora & EdApp

Pandora saw completion rates of over 80% with EdApp, and 90% of their employees preferred this tool over their existing elearning management system at the time. Their employees found EdApp’s mobile learning or m learning approach to online training to be suitable for their daily routines compared to other learning environments. They realized that they were always on their phones, so it almost became a daily routine to check out EdApp on their phones after scrolling through social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. 

Elearning Case Study - Pandora

The ability to win real-life rewards also served as a great motivator for everyone to complete their compliance training. With the application of gamification features like Leaderboards and Stars, Pandora managed to encourage their learners to continually learn as they work with them. Pandora’s sales associates also said they felt more confident in their retail and sales skills because any practical tips or techniques can be found in their pockets on EdApp’s mobile app. 

Elearning Case Study #4 – Ryman Healthcare & EdApp

Thanks to EdApp, Ryman Healthcare was able to move from paper training to smartphone training in less than a month at an enterprise level. Elearning and mobile training helped improve knowledge retention and compliance for Ryman teams. In fact, Ryman Healthcare increased their teams’ knowledge retention by 90% and their participation rate by 100%. Approximately 93% of their workforce also found that they learned something new in their mobile training compared to their old corporate training format.

Elearning Case Study - Ryman Healthcare

With EdApp, Ryman Healthcare was able to centralize its training and provide an unparalleled and innovative experience to over 5,000 of its team members. Ryman Healthcare created highly relevant and branded courses with beautiful instructional design about core practices such as medication, sanitation, safety regulations, and food service in a matter of days. Their admins were also able to respond to changes with real-time edits through EdApp’s easy-to-use authoring tool, and training was scaled and updated as quickly as possible. 

Elearning Case Study - Rapid Refresh

To ensure the high quality of care in their mission, Ryman Healthcare deployed quizzes to reinforce key information. These quizzes were created with EdApp’s built-in quiz maker, Rapid Refresh. All quiz results were also tracked, analyzed, and organized in EdApp’s analytics dashboards. 

Elearning Case Study #5 –  Marley Spoon & EdApp

The last elearning case study is how Marley Spoon used EdApp’s microlearning tools to onboard hundreds of new employees during their unprecedented growth brought on by COVID-19. Marley Spoon found that employee training through instructor-led training in classrooms was no longer a viable option for them, so they needed a solution that can handle a large number of team members who are divided into various sub-departments. 

Elearning Case Study - Marley Spoon

Using EdApp’s features like User Groups and Push Notifications has empowered Marley Spoon to easily create and share content with these unique groups. EdApp also allowed the delivery of vital information through elearning courses like food safety and procedures, all while representing Marley Spoon’s strong brand identity. 

Food businesses have to work and grow in very fast-paced environments, so having a product like EdApp that can be used for distance-learning to keep up with those changes was extremely valuable to Marley Spoon. 

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