Join us to #EducateAll

EdApp & UNITAR are embarking on a mission to increase access to free, high-quality and impactful education, through a new initiative, Educate All

The Initiative

In cooperation with UNITAR (the United Nations Institute for Training and Research), EdApp will provide access to a free  global course library.

Together we believe we can help the community to not only actively contribute to the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but also help empower and educate millions of learners around the world, notably providing access to those furthest behind, with limited opportunities.


Inviting Global Contributors

As part of the initiative, UNITAR and EdApp are inviting companies, not-for-profit organisations and thought leaders to make contributions to the modern, global content library on an ongoing basis. 

The courseware will need to be created in our micro-lesson format, to be easily digestible and accessible to the wide range of audiences.

UNITAR will be contributing courseware to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as gender equality, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Benefits of Contribution

Contribution will be voluntary and for the benefit of the community. 


As a company, you can:

  • Make a global impact and help drive your company's agenda on doing social good

  • Educate millions of people and small businesses on areas your organisation is a leader in

  • Have the opportunity to participate in #EducateAll and be seen as providing impactful education to those who need it most

  • Gain global brand recognition by being at the fingertips of millions of people

Thought Leaders

As a thought leader, you can:

  • Be seen as an authority in your chosen topic or knowledge area

  • Contribute courseware relevant to upskilling a global audience

  • Educate on a global scale and experience your courseware completed by millions of users around the world

  • Have the opportunity to participate in #EducateAll and be seen as providing impactful education to those who need it most


Who will access your content?

The courseware will be beneficial to anyone with a desire to learn and better themselves.

With a truly global reach, the public content library will be accessible by anyone with a mobile phone or desktop - whether in developing or developed countries. Whether a business owner, start up, aspiring entrepreneur or small to medium businesses, anyone can access the learning, regardless of their industry.

Criteria for Contribution

Below is the list of criteria we will use as a guide to assess courseware contributions. We will not accept any content that is used for commercial gain or selling a product/service or offering. You will need to meet some of the following: 



Courseware that is considered practical, relevant, high quality and of impactful educational value



Courseware which would be of benefit for small businesses, organisations, teams or individuals looking to upskill themselves

Social Cause

Social or Environmental Cause

Courseware is educating on a social or environmental cause

Corporate Sustainability


Courseware is aimed at driving change across any aspect of sustainability



Content is able to be curated and created using our authoring tool 

Microlesson Format

Microlesson Format

Content is applicable to be consumed in micro lesson format

Creating Your Content

The courseware you contribute is up to you, as long as it meets our above criteria.

Examples of topics include:

Self Improvement

Digital Marketing

Workplace Culture

Small Business Start-Up

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Safety and Risk Management

Health and Wellbeing

Exponential Technology

Finance and Accounting

Future of Work



In industries such as:







Emergency Services

Financial Services & Banking

Food & Hospitality

General Public



Human Rights




Non-profits, Foundations & Philanthropists

Professional Services


Transport & Logistics

Lesson Content

An Introduction to Authoring

Not sure where to start? We’re hosting FREE authoring drop-in sessions to guide you and your team on how to begin creating your microlessons in the EdApp authoring tool. Sessions will be run weekly by our expert instructional designers via Zoom.

Register for one of our upcoming sessions below:

Weekly Wed @ 10am AEST

Weekly Wed @ 3pm GMT

North America
Weekly Wed @ 10am EDT


Join the Community!

If you are a company or thought leader wanting to make a global impact by contributing courseware, please complete the following form to register your interest.

Our team will review your submission and will be in touch to provide further details and provide access to our authoring tool.

If you have any questions please reach out to us on