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All your team
training needs.
One app.

Practical courseware library

World class lessons made
for mobile your staff will enjoy.
Available on iOS and Android.

Easy to edit

Simply customize and
edit to fit your needs
directly within the app.

Simple to share

Distribute to your team
via SMS in seconds. They will
completing it in minutes.

Engage your team

Deliver directly to their mobile.
Onboard staff effortlessly
before they start!


Recieve notifications once
courseware is complete direct
to your device.

Course Collection Training App

At last, a practical courseware library

Ed’s constantly-expanding courseware libraries are easy to browse, simple to customise and a breeze to distribute to your staff.

You will find courses relevant to retail, hospitality, customer service and professional development. We pride ourselves on the practicality of the training material - this is information you will genuinely want your staff to use in your business.

Don’t see what you need? Reach out and let us see if we can put it together for you.

Edit directly on the device -
you are in control

Small Team Edition has dozens of practical microlearning lessons ready for you to use in your business. You can take them as-is or tailor them to your needs.

You can edit our courseware and have it in the palm of your staffs hands in minutes all from your smartphone.

Take a look below at some of our clients, who are usingthe Ed platform to take their training to the next level.

Small Team Edition will deliver the same results foryour staff all deployed directly from your smartphone.

Our results speak for themselves.

Mobile-first training

Delight your users. Our mobile first user experience leads the field. The intuitive and engaging training will see staff actively engage with the material and enjoy it!

Training is delivered seamlessly direct to their smartphone for them to complete at a time convenient to them. They will even receive automatic notifications reminding them when they need to complete their material.

Microlearning Training App


Ed Microlearning has been in a pioneer in introducing the format into corporate learning. Microlearning is one of the most-effective forms of learning and is transforming company training.

Small team edition brings the same small, topical, interactive lesson format to your business. Your staff are able to complete their training on the app in minutes and dont need to set aside hours to complete it. Most of our lessons are only a few minutes long.

Ease of sharing

Sharing training courses is incredibly simple. Just select the courses that are relevant to your staff and share by SMS message. Instructions will be sent to their phone and they’ll be completing training in minutes – wherever they are!

Small Team Edition is a training app you can run completely from the palm of your hand.

Engaging, effective… fun!

Our courseware provides many engaging ways for staff to interact with lessons.

Small Team Edition makes training material engaging and fun with the use of game-like quizzes and immersive interactions.

Experience the benefits of
Small Team Edition today.

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Small team edition progress training app

Track progress

Small Team Edition also provides you a full suite of analytics that easily enable you to see who has completed their training.

Track progress amongst your staff and ensure all staff are completing their training on time.

Onboard new staff before
they start work

As soon as you employ a new staff member, you can complete onboarding training before they set foot in your workplace.

They can perform training at their own pace, in their own time, wherever they are.

Traning App

Distribute new information (or reinforce it) to existing workers

Existing employees benefit from Small Team Edition too. New product, practice and policy training can keep them in step with their constantly-evolving workplace or marketplace. Plus the short, engaging microlessons mean courses, delivered by the training app, can easily be used to reinforce existing knowledge too.

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Need a larger scale solution?

Our Enterprise edition features a mobile first LMS and an integrated rapid authoring tool. With full desktop authoring and complete LMS features.

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