12 Free Defensive Driving Courses

Defensive driving tactics lower the possibility of accidents and can even save money on car repairs, car maintenance, and fuel consumption. You can protect your workers and yourself from road accidents by taking the ten free defensive driving courses below.

Free Defensive Driving Courses - Driver Safety by EdApp

1. Driver Safety

A free defensive driving course will significantly minimize the likelihood of your workers and staff getting into these types of accidents. This driver safety program allows your team to safeguard their personal and company cars while also protecting the organization from liabilities. Some of the topics covered in this driving safety course are risky driving, safe driving practices, and vehicle management.

Cost: Free

Create by: EdApp

Scope: Driver safety overview, risky driving, safe driving practices, vehicle maintenance

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2. Driver Safety for Gig Workers

In this driver safety course, EdApp goes over some suggestions for driving safely and why they can be a major driving factor in your success. The Driver Safety for Gig Workers program tackles situations when people choose to drive with more risk and what to do in those events. This driving course online also teaches workers about ensuring proper vehicle maintenance to prevent equipment from breaking down while they’re on the road.

Cost: Free

Create by: EdApp

Scope: Risky driving, safe driving practices, vehicle maintenance

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3. Defensive Driving - Essential Principles & Practices

Alison's driver safety course online is designed to give an overview of accident prevention. You can also use this free defensive driving course for seniors or beginner drivers who want to gain or reinforce knowledge on fundamental defensive driving practices. It discusses the importance of staying aware while driving and analyzes the characteristics of defensive and aggressive drivers. Your learners will know how to drive in hazardous weather conditions and the intoxicating substances that impair a driver's abilities.

Cost: Free

Created by: Alison

Scope: Causes of road traffic accidents, driving in dangerous situations, dealing with automobile emergencies

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4. Defensive Driver Training

DGS’ online driver safety course was created to support the reduction of the frequency, severity, and cost of vehicle-related incidents. This driver safety training is aimed to encourage drivers to think about reducing risks in order to survive in today's highway transportation systems. It's almost like attending a safe and defensive driving school.

Cost: Free

Create by: DGS

Scope: Defensive driving overview, risks and hazards on the road, how to check your vehicle before driving

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5. Autosobriety to Prevent Drink-Driving in South Africa

EdApp's defensive driving online course was created by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) with the assistance of Pernod Ricard. The autosobriety program consists of four lessons that will provide them with basic information on road safety and collision statistics, the influence of alcohol on driving ability, the hazards of driving while intoxicated, the legal repercussions of doing so, and your personal obligation to avoid drink-driving.

Cost: Free audit track plan, $49 USD verified track plan

Created by: EdApp

Scope: Statistics on road traffic crashes, drinking and driving, avoiding "drinking and driving"

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6. Defensive Driving Course

DriveSafe Online's free defensive driving course assists your team in improving their road awareness, understanding and recognizing road dangers, and recalling and using safe driving strategies when it counts the most – behind the wheel. The free defensive driving course for seniors contain a collection of chapters and themes dedicated to overall driver safety and specifically to defensive driving.

Cost: Free

Created by: DriveSafe Online

Scope: Road awareness, road dangers, safe driving strategies

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7. Defensive Driving for Heavy Vehicles

Truck and bus drivers know that operating heavier vehicles is a lot different than driving your average car. That’s why it’s important that your drivers who operate heavier vehicles know how to defensively drive while operating these vehicles. The topics tackled in this defensive driver certificate course are defensive driving for truck drivers and defensive driving for cars. 

Cost: Free

Created by OSHA Education Center

Scope: Defensive driving for truck drivers, defensive driving for cars

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8. Defensive Driving Course

NSC’s defensive driving online courses offer cost-effective solutions aimed to keep your workers safe on the road, decrease the risk of traffic accidents, minimize exposure to liability risks, and reducing vehicle repair bills and replacement costs. Your learners will be able to learn more about real-life driving scenarios, hazard recognitions, and defensive driving techniques.

Cost: Free

Created by: NSC

Scope: Real-life driving scenarios, hazard recognition situations, defensive driving techniques

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9. Defensive Driving

OSHAcademy’s free defensive driving course lists down defensive driving assessment and response techniques such as scanning the road, using hand signals and flashers, keeping a margin of safety between you and other drivers, and what to do with struck-by hazards, among others.

Cost: Free

Created by OSHAcademy

Scope: Spotter safety, safe operation techniques, worker training

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10. Defensive Driving Course Online

Inexperienced and naive drivers frequently take to the road without considering the weight of their behaviors on the road or the danger they represent to themselves, others, and property in general. Weather, alcohol, and the condition of the cars involved in the collision are some of the additional factors that contribute to these events. This defensive driver course costs nothing and touches on driving safety techniques and how to spot hazardous and risky situations on the road.

Cost: Free

Created by: Drive Safe Today

Scope: Certification, accessible on any device, assessments

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11. New York Defensive Driving Course Online

This defensive driving course tackles specific topics that are unique to this New York state, like its traffic signs and laws. This New York defensive driving course will also go over the techniques for defensive driving. Other topics of this defensive driving course NY include responsible driving practices.

Cost: Free

Created by: iDriveSafely

Scope: New York traffic signs, responsible driving practices, defensive driving strategies and techniques, new York driving laws

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12. Defensive Driver Training

This defensive driving course online by DefensiveDriving is designed for security professionals. Here, you’ll learn how to drive safely according to RoSPA standards. You’ll also be equipped with the skills for protecting the people you’re working for by being able to detect and react to potential threats. This driving safety course online even goes over specific topics like route planning, counter surveillance, and more.

Cost: Free

Create by: DefensiveDriving

Scope: Safe Driving to RoSPA standards, route planning, vehicle security & search techniques, anti-ambush/hi-jack drills, counter surveillance, convoy drills, day & night driving, vehicle-based first aid

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Defensive driving is a set of advanced driving techniques designed to keep your team safe on the road and reduce the risk of accidents. It goes beyond the basic rules of the road and empowers drivers with proactive skills to anticipate and respond to potential hazards.

Enrolling your team of drivers in defensive driving training is important because it equips them with essential skills to become confident, responsible, and efficient drivers. Not only will they protect themselves and others on the road, but also contribute to cost savings for your organization through reduced accidents and vehicle maintenance. 

What are the main principles of defensive driving?

The main principles of defensive driving are centered around proactive and safety-focused techniques that help drivers avoid accidents and potential hazards. These principles form the foundation of defensive driving training and are essential for promoting responsible and secure driving practices. 

Defensive driving emphasizes awareness, allowing drivers to stay aware of their surroundings and potential hazards. Anticipation plays a crucial role as drivers plan ahead and mentally prepare for possible road challenges. Speed management is also important in defensive driving as it guarantees that drivers adhere to speed limits and adjust appropriately to road conditions. 

Another key principle of defensive driving is hazard response, equipping drivers with techniques like emergency braking and evasive maneuvers. Focus and concentration are crucial to avoid distractions and respond swiftly to unexpected situations.

Protect your workers with free defensive driving courses

Road traffic accidents arise as a result of poor traffic education and awareness. Every year, around 1.3 million people's lives are lost as a consequence of traffic accidents. Non-fatal injuries affect between 20 and 50 million more individuals, with many becoming permanently disabled as a result of their injuries. Not to mention that your company will have to pay for the collateral and vehicle damages brought about by road traffic accidents. 

You can protect your workers and vehicles by taking one or more of the driving safety courses on this list.