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How to: Prize draw

Key takeaway: Using Ed’s prize templates, you can easily set up a prize draw to motivate and encourage learning in your employees.

Ed’s use of prize templates and an advanced prizing algorithm means that a new prize draw can be set up quickly and easily. In this article, we will look at the steps to setting up a prize draw.

1) Creating your draw

To create your draw, navigate to the Prizing dropdown menu, and select Prize Draws. From here, select Create new draw. The first step you need to take is naming your draw. We recommend using the naming convention “‘User group’ – [Date] Draw” to help easily keep track of which draw is which. For example, a draw which is available to everyone in the first month of the year would be called “All Users – January 2017”.

Once this task has been completed, click on Add a new prize to move on to the next step of the process.

Naming a Draw

2) Adding prizes to your draw

Your first task when adding a prize to your draw is to select which prize template you want to work from.

Select prize template

Depending on the fields configured in the prize template, different columns will appear to be populated, which will match the information on the gift card you are uploading. There are three different ways to populate these columns; via CSV, bulk upload, or one at a time. Here, we will cover the most popular upload method – bulk upload.

Bulk upload

In this case, we are using the iTunes Voucher (US) to our draw, which contains the fields Code and Value. Keeping these fields in mind, in the Add Prizes field, we input this information, in that order, separated by a comma, i.e. “[The code used to redeem the voucher],[The numerical value of the voucher]”. Another prize template may contain different fields, for example URL, Code, and Value. In this case, you would input the prize as “[The URL used to redeem the code],[The code used to redeem the voucher],[The numerical value of the voucher]”.

Further instances of the same prize can be added by pressing enter, and continuing the process on a new line. Once you have added all the prizes which use the selected prize template, press Add Prizes. At this point, the prizes will be added to the table above, and immediately encrypted.

Encrypted prizes

If you want to add further prizes to the draw which use a different prize template, return to the draw and begin the process again by pressing Add a new prize.

3) Configuring draw accessibility

To set up the specific dates of a draw, use the Start and End fields. The draw will be active during these dates. While a draw is active, prizes can be played for, and users can view the upcoming prizes to plan out how to spend their stars. The advice users leave in the past winners screen will always be visible, even after a draw has ended.

In the User Groups section, you can select which user groups can interact with the draw. By default, all users can access a draw. When a specific user group is selected (indicated by its presence in the righthand column), only users part of this group can view the draw’s upcoming prizes, play the Star Bar game, and view the feedback given on items won in the draw.

Prize draw config

Your draw is now fully configured, and ready to be used in the App. Ed’s prizing systems will handle management of prize draws automatically from this point onwards.

Have any questions about setting up a draw? Send your questions to hello@edapp.com and we will be sure to give you some winning advice.

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