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How to configure lesson scoring

Key Takeaway: Have your learners achieve a specific score to pass your lessons by applying a minimum score to a course.

In Ed, you are able to ensure that learners achieve a specific score to complete a lesson. This has a variety of applications, and gives you the confidence that when you see a learner has finished a course, you are tracking what they have learned, rather than what they saw.

In this article we will look at how to configure scoring, best practice for configuring a scored lesson, and frequently asked questions.

How to configure scoring

On a course dashboard, navigate to the more tab (on the far right of the screen). On opening this tab you will see a minimum score setting for the course. This defaults to a 0% required score.

lesson menu scoring

To set a passing score, update the number here – If you would like your learners to achieve a score of 80% to pass a lesson, then input that value here.

lesson menu scoring

Configuring a scored lesson

Score in Ed is based on stars earned within a lesson. For example, if in a particular run through a lesson, a user earns 7 of the 10 available stars, their score is 70%.

This allows you to weight the importance of certain slides – harder or more important questions should be appropriately assigned more stars compared to other questions.

Ed automatically calculates the number of stars that a learner needs to earn, so you don’t need to worry about always having exactly 10 stars available. For example, if a lesson contained 7 total stars, and had a 60% required passing score, Ed would know that 60% of 7 is 4.2, but that learners could not earn 0.2 of a star – and instead round up, requiring learners to earn 5 stars to pass the lesson.

lesson menu scoring

Some instructional designers chose to alert users to the use of scoring via custom lesson branding, however others use a more direct alert in a dedicated slide at the start of a course or lesson, to let learners know what they are aiming for.

lesson menu scoring

Frequently asked questions

What if I only want scoring enabled on certain lessons within the course?

The required score can be manually disabled at a per-lesson level. You can use this to have several lessons in your course dedicated solely to educating your learners in a safe space, with the last lesson in the course being a test of their skills.

This is configured in the “more” tab of a lesson dashboard

lesson menu scoring

Do you need to enable a required score to see the lesson feedback screen?

The lesson feedback screen contains information valuable to all learners, not just those who are taking part in a lesson which requires a certain score to pass. Because of this, the screen displays whenever a learner exits a lesson.

It displays extra information on required amount of stars to earn if the learner has not passed the lesson

Do you need to manually configure the lesson feedback screen?

No, you do not need to configure the lesson feedback screen. We worked hard to keep to our “rapid authoring” mentality when designing the scoring feature. We decided early in development that we did not want to bog down instructional designers with another area to configure when creating lessons.

The lesson feedback screen takes information from your configured lesson, automatically populating with the takeaways from interactive templates, displaying the learner’s score, and their performance in game templates.

Can a learner pass a lesson by earning half the required stars in one run, and half in the next?

No, learners will need to earn the required score in one straight runthrough of the lesson. This does not mean that once they’ve earned a star, it will never count towards their score again.

When a learner first answers a “scored” question correctly, they are rewarded with a star which you can spend at the Star Bar (if prizing is enabled). When the learner goes through the lesson again, they will see that the question was worth 1 star (indicating its score value), but will not earn a spendable star for answering the question correctly again.

Can’t a learner cheat by using the lesson menu to go backwards and perfect their score?

The lesson menu only allows exiting a lesson in the case where a lesson has specific pass or fail criteria.

lesson menu scoring

Did we miss something? Send us your questions on hello@edapp.com and we’ll let you know the score.

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