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Earvin "Magic" Johnson

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Arsène Wenger

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Patty McCord

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Debbie Ekas
Debbie Ekas

As an established Director of Learning with a background in HR, Debbie Ekas is committed to the accountability for management and connecting teams on diversity, strategy, development, and more.

Darren Murph
Darren Murph

As the Head of Remote at GitLab, Darren Murph mastered the art of working remotely prior to Covid-19. The accomplished journalist, start-up advisor, investor, and remote work specialist brings great insight to the people management and leadership space.

François Grassal
François Grassal

François Grassal is the Head of Commercial & Marketing Programs at Pernod Ricard University, with over 20 years of experience in strategic and operational roles in the global Wines and Spirits industry.

Marie Daniels
Marie Daniels

As the Global Commercial Learning Manager at Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Marie Daniels is passionate about organisational transformation and talent development to enable a culture of learning, curiosity, and innovation.

Michael Callans
Michael Callans

Michael Callans is the VP of People Science at Culture Amp. Aside from being a self-proclaimed People Geek, Callans is an expert in industrial psychology. He previously held roles as the VP of Research and Development at Wonderlic, Inc.

Marlena May Cuesta

Marlena May Cuesta is the Program Director at MoveUp and is passionate about the intersection of entrepreneurship and education. Based in the Dominican Republic, Cuesta is part of the rapidly changing culture that embraces micro-entrepreneurs and their local culture.

EJ Dayrit

EJ Dayrit is the Director of Internal Communications at Freedom Forever. As one of America's fastest-growing solar power companies, Freedom Forever is on a mission to tackle climate change and has transformed the way training is approached in light of COVID-19.

The Summit

Empowering your L&D team to become high performers and world leaders doesn’t happen by following the rules. It's time to rewrite the playbook.

The workplace as we know it underwent massive digitization thanks to the pandemic and the sudden transition to remote work. Now, it’s no longer a question of how L&D will bring innovative learning to a digital platform – it’s a matter of navigating the challenges of this new normal and creating a practical game plan to embed a culture of learning and high performance in your dispersed teams.

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Who is EdApp?

EdApp is the free all-in-one learning solution that your teams can access anywhere. The multi-award-winning LMS helps you create, test and deploy mobile microlearning courses that your team actually enjoys with its fully integrated course authoring, advanced administration tools, and editable course library. 

With offices in Sydney, New York City, and London, EdApp is on a mission to democratize learning and increase access to education around the world with our app-based microlearning platform. While we work with large corporate organizations, we also offer free access to smaller businesses requiring an easy-to-use training tool to quickly create and deliver impactful training to their teams.

EdApp currently delivers around 50,000 lessons per day across more than 90 countries and counting and is partnered with the UN to provide free lessons to individuals with little access to education as part of our #EducateAll initiative.

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Who is EdApp