These templates allow you to take your lessons further by unlocking advanced features for presenting your content.


This template allows authors to upload and include an AICC (Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee) specification compliant package, and display it within a lesson. This is a powerful tool for authors who may have legacy content, and can easily convert this to display within the Ed application, on the web and on devices.


This template allows authors to upload and integrate SCORM packages. This template makes it easy for legacy content to be displayed within a lesson on Ed

External URL

This template allows authors to embed the content of any external URL inside a lesson they are authoring. This allows authors to include non-SCORM or AICC compliant content in a lesson.

Question Pool

This template allows authors to display a shuffled set of questions inside a lesson. This template is a great way of creating a test that becomes unique for every user, and Ed’s powerful assessment controls let content creators administer dynamic tests through the Ed platform.

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