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At EdApp, you have the freedom to truly shape your career and be proud of the work you do. No day is the same at EdApp. We are an exciting start up, achieving great things and we have a culture where you are encouraged to learn, grow, try, fail and exceed!

We are repeatedly told that our people and our culture are what people love the most about working at EdApp. See for yourself!

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We may be biased but we think we have the best people working at EdApp! We have a group of incredibly smart people who are all here because they want to be.

But don't just listen to us - click on each of our team members to hear what they have to say.

Fabrizio Di Pietro

We are a tight knit crew of driven, intelligent, genuine people that I feel incredibly privileged to work with. I’m proud to be part of the dream team at EdApp.

Spread throughout the U.S., UK, and Australia, it’s our differences that make us unique, with each team member bringing their individuality to the table. We are independent, we are team players, and each one of our strengths is valued and complemented by the next person’s.

We are constantly learning, and pushing each other to grow in both professional and personal aspects. Our shared passion in growing EdApp as a product and a company and belief in our core values is what binds us together across continents.

Alison White, Account Manager, Sydney Office

Sometimes it’s hard to call our roles ‘Work’. While our team puts in an incredible amount of effort; the inspiration, humor, intellect, adaptability, and the sense of family that this team promotes will always make light work of it. From the needle-turning projects that you get the opportunity to spearhead, to the weekly lighthearted calls with our top leadership, to the nights out with the office, you get a chance to be part of every aspect of the business and culture.

From day one I’ve experienced support and genuine inclusion, and it shows no sign of slowing with every new face we get to bring onboard. I love working at EdApp!

Chris Lemmon, Account Executive, New York Office

It’s really inspiring to see all members of the team step out of the scope of their roles to drive a project they’re passionate about, or help a colleague out.

EdApp embodies all the great aspects of a startup - We’re fast paced, always releasing new features, and no idea is too small or goes unheard. Similarly, no task is too menial for any member of the team.
We’re all motivated to ensure all of our clients have an amazing experience, and you can see that in all aspects of the work being done at EdApp.

Molly Phelan, Account Manager, New York Office

As an engineer at EdApp, I like the fact that there are many challenges. I feel that I can be creative, raise my hand and make proposals and suggestions at any time, regardless of whether we move forward with them or not - even when they are outside of the Engineering area! It makes me feel like I studied for a reason and can pursue my passion, rather than being a monkey that writes code blindly without any clue of the rest of the world!

There’s a sense of openness and freedom which you don’t really get anywhere else.

Fabrizio Di Pietro, Senior Back End Engineer, Sydney Office


Other than just loving coming to work every day, there are a number of things our people tell us that makes EdApp such a great place to work!

EdApp Growth and Learning

Growth & Learning

We take learning seriously - after all, it is our purpose! At EdApp, your role will be your ‘biggest role yet' where you are continually challenged personally and professionally. We make sure you are developing and improving every day.

EdApp Options Scheme

Employee options scheme ($)

We want every employee to have a chance to reap the benefits of EdApp’s success. Along with a competitive salary, joining the EdApp journey means you can choose to own part of the company. We offer options that are able to be vested after a period of time.

EdApp Young Start Up Vibe

Startup vibe

We pride ourselves on having a very transparent and open culture. We are young and vibrant and everyone is recognized for their own contribution. We definitely don’t dress corporate, use corporate jargon or try to ‘act’ like a corporate.

EdApp Global Footprint

Global opportunities

Not only do we get to work with organizations on a global scale in over 30+ different markets, from time to time, our team members also have the opportunity to travel and work out of our 3 office locations: Sydney, London, and New York.

EdApp be well work well

Be well, work well

We encourage all employees to remain mentally & physically well in order to be operating at their best at work. We sponsor and host various fitness and wellness activities for everyone in the company to get involved in!

EdApp fun


We are a social team, we care about having meaningful connections with workmates and getting together on social occasions. Think jetski-ing, go-karting, breakfast bagels, Putt Putt, Games night, inter-office competitions and kick ass annual Christmas parties!

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