Mobile First - LMS

Mobile First - LMS

Microlearning delivered with mobile in mind that works on all devices (even your desktop). Your lessons are delivered simply and easily using push notification and released daily or at a frequency to suit. Fully featured LMS, built for microlearning and show cases world class analytics, tracking and insights.

Content Authoring

Our Mobile LMS is made simple using a powerful template library. Not just design templates - fully interactive, immersive methods to engage your learner.

No developer resource necessary, simply populate with your custom content and you’re ready to go!

Our library also includes pre-built games ready for your content and to engage your learners.

The Template Library

The Template Library

Create stunning mobile learning using our mobile first template library. There are templates available for all facets of learning ready to populate with your video, text, and imagery. Allows for full personalisation to truly immerse you learners into your beautifully branded content.


Enable your learners to implement knowledge almost immediately into their work day. Use the mobile first authoring tool to structure lessons around your content.

We recommend breaking up content into microlessons of no more than a few minutes in duration. When combined with delivery on a smartphone device, you can truly enable your learners to engage at a time and place convenient for them.