Product training Microlessons

This example course shows you how quick and easy it is for employees to complete training on new products. Armed with the knowledge to sell new products, your staff will be empowered to effectively answer questions and promote the features and benefits of new products.

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MacBook - Introduction

Learn the core features and benefits of the focal product in this overview lesson of the MacBook’s key attributes.

The Keyboard and Trackpad

Learn about this new Macbook’s innovation in Keyboard design, and understand the main benefits of this new design for customers.

The Screen

In this lesson, learn about the picture perfect MacBook retina display, and understand the key selling points to convey to customers.


Learn the key features and benefits that show customers how the MacBook fits perfectly into their daily lives.

Finishing Touches

Learn about the various customisation options for the MacBook, and how you can help customers know what options are right for them.

Built in Apps

Learn more about all of the free, world-class Apps that come with the MacBook, and how these can benefit customers - from music lovers, to movie makers, and all in between.

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