Health and Safety Microlessons

This example course demonstrates how Ed can be used to convey workplace health and safety information in a fun, engaging and aesthetically pleasing way to learners. Take this to see Ed’s intuitive game and content templates turn learning into engaged fun, and not a chore, for employees.

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Introduction and Overview

Take this lesson to gain an Introduction to this example course about Health and Safety in the workplace, and how employees can minimise risk in their everyday activities.

Slips, trips and falls

Learn why avoiding the dangers of Slips, Trips and Falls in the workplace is important for health and safety, and how to minimise the risk of hazards in employees’ everyday lives.

Personal Protective Equipment

Learn about the various Personal Protective Equipment, and how wearing it can help you be more safe in the workplace.

Safe lifting

Learn why it is important to lift heavy loads safely, and the best method to execute a safe lift.Play the “Next in Order” game to show off your skills, earn stars, and review what you have learned.

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