Dob in your Boss

Dob in your boss to WIN a 5G Google Pixel phone

Tired of sitting through boring training sessions at work?


If you’ve ever wondered how you’re going to stay awake through another workplace training, we’re here to rescue you.

Let your boss know just how terrible their training is – and we’ll upgrade it for free for them.

Give us their name, email address and a short message about why the training was so bad. We’ll send them an anonymous email letting them know and, if they sign up to EdApp, you’ll get a free 5G Google Pixel* from us.

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*To be eligible for a free 5G Google Pixel, your organisation must be signed up to a paid EdApp plan for 12 months or longer.



Subject: Someone has dobbed you in...


Bad news. Someone on your team thought the training they got at work was so bad they had to tell us about it.

You’ve been dobbed in by someone on your team to upgrade your training from tired, old traditional training to training your team can do anytime, anywhere from their mobile phone.

Here’s what they had to say:

We get it. It’s tough to find the time to make your training modern and engaging.

That’s why we’re here to upgrade your training – completely free.

All you need to do is send us whatever training documents you have. (PDF, .DOC, .PPT files only)

From there, our team of training experts will be in touch to make sure that you get the customised, modern training that your team will actually enjoy doing.

What are you waiting for? Trade in your training today! by SafetyCulture