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Make peer learning part of your course with Discussions

Training that’s more than just a checkbox. Drive engagement with real-time learner feedback.
  • Get learner feedback in real-time
  • Facilitate an open discussion
  • Build your own community
Make peer learning a natural part of your course with Discussions

Learn from the best – your team’s experts

Your team implements their knowledge every day. Uplift their ideas and practical tips with this forum-style feature, where learners can easily share knowledge with you and their peers in text, image, and video.

Learn from the best -  your team's experts

Connect your team and their ideas by


Easily share knowledge from your greatest asset – your team – with Discussions today.

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Collect real-time insights from learners

Find out what works – and what doesn’t. Discussions allow your learners to give real-time feedback as part of the course so you can easily check their understanding of key concepts and take suggestions for next time.

Drive retention and depth of understanding

Drive retention and depth of understanding

Understand what your learners learned. Discussions uses peer and social learning theory to create a unified platform where your teams can learn from each other. So you can be sure your content sticks.

Drive retention and depth of understanding

Why peer and social learning are important

Showcase your team’s understanding in text, image, video

Create an interactive and inclusive environment to share ideas, tips, feedback, and more. Learners can share their knowledge in text, image, or video. So they can showcase what they learned in a format that works best for them.

Jump back in: Notify learners of new responses

It takes two to have a discussion. Discussions automatically send a push notification to learners whenever they have a new comment on their post so your team is consistently engaging with learning content.

Provide feedback on the fly

Lead when you need to. Admins can join Discussions at any time to provide the best learning experience for your team. Admin posts are in a different color to ensure learners can easily find them.


Colgate-Palmolive values EdApp’s single sign-on capabilities, discussion, assignments, along with the peer and social learning element, which has enabled us to elevate the way people learn.

Ekta Lall Mittal, Learning Technology & Analytics Manager at Colgate-Palmolive

And the best part? Your teams can complete training anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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