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What is growth and development?

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How to define growth and development? What are their main principles?

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  1. Defining growth and development.

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What is growth and development? course excerpts

Defining growth and development.

What is growth and development? Course - Lesson Excerpt

What is growth and development?

Sequences or 'principles' of 'growth'. If you were to study human beings all around the world and observe how they grow and develop, it would soon become apparent that we all grow and develop in similar ways. In the past scientists have observed these sequences of growth and development of the human body and have recorded how they typically occur. Although every individual will move through these sequences at their own rate, they are similar and predictable for all human beings.

Defining 'Growth'. The term 'growth' means...

Task. Read each of the following case studies and decide whether it is: a) describing one of the principles of growth or development. b) which principle it is.

What is growth and development?


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