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Ways to Positively Influence Customers (Call Center)

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Being a positive influence on customers brings a positive customer experience and reels in more customers. Learn to influence our customers positively by taking this course.

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Being a positive influence on customers brings a positive customer experience and reels in more customers. Learn to influence our customers positively by taking this course.

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  1. Positive Experience
  2. Positive Communication
  3. Positive Language

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Ways to Positively Influence Customers (Call Center) course excerpts

Positive Experience

Positive customer experience is our bread and butter. Learn how to give our customers a positive experience with this lesson.

Ways to Positively Influence Customers (Call Center) Course - Lesson Excerpt

What factors should you take note of when getting to know our customers? Select only the best answers

Your Efforts as an Agent You're the best asset we have.

You are in the frontlines when we talk about customer service. You provide the positive experience that help influence our customers positively.

We are thankful for your efforts to connect with our customers and we want to help you be your best.

Training We will equip you with the tools and skills you need to get the job done by setting expectations with an overview customer demographics and how to make emotional connections. Aside from the skills, it doesn't hurt to have a positive attitude, it greatly contributes to your success.

Positive Communication We also encourage you to communicate positively with our customers. To communicate positively, we suggest that you start with a greeting and then establish a connection so you and the customer can end on a high note. We'll provide more details on positive communication in another lesson.

Positive Language During training we also emphasize the use of positive words to communicate well. A nice tip is to be friendly and accommodating, with that mindset, positive words and affirmations will freely flow during your conversations. We'll have examples of positive language in another lesson.

Positive Communication

Positive communication is a big factor in positively influencing our customers. Learn how to do so with this lesson.

Ways to Positively Influence Customers (Call Center) Course - Lesson Excerpt

What is Positive Communication? Swipe left to find out.

Sheila is on duty when she picks up a call from an annoyed female customer.

She senses her distress so she starts the conversation with, "Good morning, Ma'am. What can I help you with today?" in the most pleasing way.

The customer tells Sheila that she paid her phone bill two days ago, but it still isn't reflected on her account.

Sheila listens carefully and gives a few encouraging hmms. When the customer finishes explaining, Sheila says, "I'm sorry to hear that, Ma'am. Let me double check to see what I can from on my end."

Sheila starts explaining that she'll check the customer's account in the records, there might have been an issue so she'll do her best to fix it. She also suggests that the customer call the bank to verify if the payment went through.

The customer is satisfied with the way Sheila handled her complaints and the solutions Sheila offered. Sheila's also happy because she calmed the customer down. It was a win-win!

How do you communicate positively? Learn some tips and tricks to communicate positively.

Start with a "How do you do?" Put your best foot forward and start the conversation with a greeting no matter how annoyed or frustrated the client is. A simple hello goes a long way.

Stop, Look, LISTEN Don't you hate it when someone cuts you off while you're talking? Listen to the customer and hear what they want. Hearing their problems allows you to think of solutions or appropriate responses immediately.

Communicate Assertively This enables you to listen to customers' problems and offer solutions without aggression. Use positive language when dealing with customers.

Positive Language

Using positive language is key in positive communication. Learn some positive language tips in this lesson.

Ways to Positively Influence Customers (Call Center) Course - Lesson Excerpt

The DON'Ts Let's identify some things you shouldn't do or say to stay on our customer's good side.

Use Negative Words Never, not, don't, won't, or can't are negative words. Avoid using them and other negatives in conversations.

Wear out Upbeat Words We encourage you to sound cheerful when talking with a customer but avoid overusing upbeat words such as absolutely, exactly, like, or obviously.

Over Apologize It is good to apologize and take responsibility for issues or lapses from our end but avoid overdoing it. One is enough; two is too much.

Presume Please don't presume that our customers already know what you're talking about when giving them solutions. Be patient and explain the nitty-gritty until they understand.

Operate with a Negative POV Do away with negative references. Instead of saying, "It may be challenging to do this," you can say something along the lines of, "This next step will be very engaging."

Don't Overpromise We understand that you want to satisfy the customer's needs but you should always be realistic when solving their problems. Be Inconsistent When you feel the jive, stick to it. Start and end conversations with the same enthusiasm and use of language. Take Things Personally Frustrated customers may sometimes say derogatory or hurtful words. They're not mad at you; they're mad at the situation or problem.

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Ways to Positively Influence Customers (Call Center)


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