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Explore the essentials of upselling and the relevant factors leading to successful upsell opportunities.

Upselling Lessons

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  1. Identifying Upselling Opportunities
  2. Psychology of Upselling
  3. Overcoming Customer Reluctance
  4. The Power of Negotiation in Upselling

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Upselling course excerpts

Identifying Upselling Opportunities

Upselling Course - Lesson Excerpt

Identifying Upselling Opportunities

Upselling in a Nutshell This is a simple way to add additional value to your customer... ... whilst gaining as much benefit as you possibly can in a single transaction. Upselling helps you dramatically improve your sales by offering a more expensive product... ... or an upgraded premium version than the one the customer was originally interested in.

When to offer your upsell?

When is the best time to upsell a product to the customer?

Psychology of Upselling

Upselling Course - Lesson Excerpt

Psychology of Upselling

** The Must-Have Effect** A study in Harvard showed that ... when people see that an upgrade that appeals to their liking is available, they tend to break or be careless with what they like to replace in order to justify their need for an upgrade. Taking advantage of this consumer thinking can help you get started with your upsell.

** The Fear of Missing Out**

Overcoming Customer Reluctance

Upselling Course - Lesson Excerpt

Overcoming Customer Reluctance

Letting customers realize that you are the right choice for them helps you beat your competitors and overcome customer reluctance.

This is how you can hit two birds with one stone for an effective upsell.

The Power of Negotiation in Upselling

Upselling Course - Lesson Excerpt

The Power of Negotiation

** Take full advantage of listening** Psychology shows that people love to be listened to for this raises one's self-esteem. One way of finding out the best approach to negotiating with your customers is to listen to their tone. Having the self-control to listen can enable you to use the language of the customer... ...in a way that favours you for an agreement on the customer's end.

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