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Create more customer value for less cost.

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Author's Note

Chapter 1
Think LEAN. Course - Lesson Excerpt

Whether you're an employee, executive, or entrepreneur, your biggest challenge is satisfying your customers at the lowest possible cost.

Author's Note

You tried everything from leadership training, team-building field trips, to 3-year strategic planning but nothing seemed to work.

Author's Note

This year, let's try something that will make your customers more loyal to your brand and beat your competitors while keeping cost down. This is what LEAN Thinking is all about.

Author's Note

Hello I'm Khalid Said your coach & companion for this course.

Author's Note

I'm a LEAN Consultant and Business Coach having delivered successful lean LEAN programs around the world. I'm the Managing Director of Lean Vision Ltd. UK, and a Senior LEAN Consultant at IMIG International.

Author's Note

In this course, we'll cover LEAN principles and the importance of applying lean thinking throughout your organization helping them do more for less. Let's get started!

Author's Note

LEAN Defined.

Chapter 2
Think LEAN. Course - Lesson Excerpt

What is LEAN? Lean is a way of thinking of creating more value for your customers at the lowest possible cost.

LEAN Defined.

Lean as a strategy... For lean to work, it must start at the very top of the company as an overall corporate strategy and organizational culture. Your lean strategy and culture must focus on two important aspects of your business, your competitors and your customers.

LEAN Defined.

First, your competitors are constantly finding ways to beat you out of the race. Or new players may enter the race offering something better your customers will leave you for.

LEAN Defined.

Second, customers are more demanding than ever. In a world of innovation and overnight delivery, customers expect better and faster goods and services. If you can't give what they want, customers will leave and tell 10 of their friends on social media to do the same.

LEAN Defined.

In today's highly competitive landscape and ultra-demanding customers, you can't afford to just stand still while everyone else is trying to move ahead of you. It's time for change. It's time to think LEAN.

LEAN Defined.

Think LEAN. Course Author

Lean Vision Ltd. UKWhether you’re an individual building a career path, a startup gaining market entry, or an enterprise managing growth pains, LEAN VISION Ltd. empowers you with the capability to continuously thrive in an ever-changing global economy.

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