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The Power of Discovery

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One of the most vital steps in the sales process is discovery calls. In this course, you will learn about how you can prepare before the call, techniques you can apply to ensure success, and responses when you encounter objections from prospects, plus a few tips.

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  1. Preparing for the Discovery
  2. Successful Discovery Call
  3. Facing Objections and a Few Tips

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The Power of Discovery course excerpts

Preparing for the Discovery

The Power of Discovery Course - Lesson Excerpt

Preparing for the Discovery

Meet with Key Players Key Players are: Sales Marketing Operations Finance Other Key Stakeholders Review and agree on your... ...roles... ...responsibilities... ...terminologies... ...to ensure that there will be no misunderstandings or conflicts throughout the process.

A strong opener should NOT...

How you can practice the art of listening Slow the conversation down Don’t interrupt Make the client feel heard Ask relevant follow-up questions Don’t be defensive Be present

Successful Discovery Call

The Power of Discovery Course - Lesson Excerpt

Starting Exploration

Five Steps to the Perfect Discovery Call -- Dan Smith, Chief Academic Officer of Winning by Design, Founder of Sales Mastership Meetup Preparation (Apply what you learned from the previous lesson) Strong opener: ACE (Appreciate, Check end time, End goal) Confirm the Agenda, Ask about their Goals Diagnose before Prescribing: SP3V (Situation, Pain Point, 3rd Party Reference, Value) Prescription and Wrap Since we've already covered the preparation part, the next slide will be about "Strong Opener: ACE."

Diagnose before Prescribing SP3V Situation, Pain Point, 3rd Reference, Value Here is the bulk of the call — use question-based sales to figure out what your customer is actually looking to solve. Ask them questions to understand their... Situation first... then lead into questions that help clarify their Pain... share 3rd party reference stories who experienced the same pain... and discuss the quantification of your Value.

Facing Objections and a Few Tips

The Power of Discovery Course - Lesson Excerpt

Facing Objections and a Few Tips

You don't have to follow-up with all your prospects after the discovery call. Choose only those that you connected with.

Trust your research and intuition.

Strong follow-ups can turn a 'no' into a 'yes.'

7 Key Mistakes on Discovery Calls Combining Discovery with Demo Forgetting the Up-Front Agreement Premature Pitchulation Missing Out on the Pain-Nuggets Talking Too Much Wasting Time with Useless Questions Making It Feel Like an Interrogation

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The Power of Discovery


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