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The Language of Sales

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Learn about the importance of developing relationships with your buyers, how to develop convincing arguments and how to handle tough sales scenarios with resilience.

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  1. Building Relationships & Cultivating Trust
  2. Developing Convincing Arguments
  3. Navigating Tough Situations

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The Language of Sales course excerpts

Building Relationships & Cultivating Trust

The Language of Sales Course - Lesson Excerpt

Building Relationships & Cultivating Trust This course will focus on the importance of developing business relationships, we’ll present key findings as presented by influential business speakers and writers. Many of whom consider the idea of unconditional love as an integral factor in the sales process. It’s difficult to sell targeted solutions if you’re unfamiliar with the problems that your prospects and customers face, and without having already developed rapport they are less likely to open up to you about it.

“Client engagement is becoming the key. When all vendors, products and services look and sound similar, the way we connect, engage, create value and help customers have a great buying experience is now a competitive advantage.” – Mag Rajasekaran, 2017, Why Self Awareness is Key

In summary, it's important for us to become aware of how our how our actions are perceived and how out behaviours effect others. We can cultivate better relationships by listening and understand the people around us.

Developing Convincing Arguments

The Language of Sales Course - Lesson Excerpt

Developing Convincing Arguments

Is the following statement true or false? A convincing argument should start from making connections to the stand points of your prospects, before drawing them closer to your side of the argument.

Responsive vs. Prescriptive approach to sales In the last slide we, discovered that it's best to avoid presenting too much information to prospects and customers, this a considered a responsive sale style. Particularly in the early stages customers will be tasked with conflicted multiple options from various suppliers, and will have trouble distinguishing what's relevant, whilst juggling the input from internal stakeholders. It's important for us uncover their struggles and help them over come their problems. Toman, Adamson, and Gomez (2017) advocate for more of a prescriptive approach, by providing your customer with clear recommendation for an action that’s backed by a specific rationale. It’s also important to identify the challenges for each buying stage and proactively teach your sales team how to overcome them. For example "We've learned from previous customers like you, that it's better to bring in senior purchasing people earlier on otherwise they'll bring up a lot of questions later which can slow down implementation."

Navigating Tough Situations

The Language of Sales Course - Lesson Excerpt

Navigating Tough Situations

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The Language of Sales


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I really appreciate the knowledge that I am provided by this lesson. I can say that it makes total sense in actively listening to my prospects and trying to figure out a solution to there problem.

Typos and vague instructions, but the content is a great general starting point for someone new to sales.

Good advice, but there are errors in your slide selection options under Navigating Tough Situations, it says 90% is the correct number of teleconferencing being done and yet says 90% is incorrect. 3*

There were some typos here and there, but the general sentiment was very helpful and insightful.

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