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Building Team Cohesion

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About this course

How to build happy, well-functioning teams in your organisation

From the author

If you're a team player and understand the power of a strong team, this course on building team cohesion is the one for you. Teamwork is the core focus of organisational success, especially when it comes to being a great leader and experiencing functional collaboration. A cohesive team means a more efficient and high-achieving workforce. If being a successful leader in a cohesive team appeals to you, look no further than this course. The 3-part course focuses on what a cohesive team actually is, strategies to make a top team and how to develop extraordinary leadership skills.

What you will learn

  • Teamwork Cohesion
  • What Makes a Cohesive Team?
  • Being a Great Leader
  • Maintaining Cohesion
  • Team Cohesion
  • Making Top Teams

Building Team Cohesion Lessons

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  1. What Makes a Cohesive Team?
  2. Building a Team
  3. Being a Great Leader
  4. Review

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Building Team Cohesion course excerpts

What Makes a Cohesive Team?

Great teams share common features

Building Team Cohesion Course - Lesson Excerpt

Cohesive Teams What do successful teams have in common?

What's your experience? What are the features of successful teams?

The members of strong teams also share beliefs and values. Each person benefits from being in the team.

Everyone understands and agrees to the goals of the team and happily takes on their assigned tasks.

Disagreements and criticism are not avoided, but they are handled constructively with respect and support.

The Power of Teams Together, we're stonger

In China, the story says, a heavy bronze bell fell into the river. No one could lift it out.

A wise old man offered to raise it. Many laughed at his weakness, but let him try.

He dove into the river with a bamboo stick and tied it to the bell. He did this many, many times

Much later, exhausted, the wise man stopped. Behind him, the hundreds of light, hollow bamboo sticks rose as one with the heavy bronze bell. It was saved.


Have you ever been upset because someone treated you with disrespect? Take a moment. Think how the other person might have handled the situation better.

Have you ever treated someone with disrespect? How might you have handled the situation better?

Common Goals Teams work best when everyone understands how their individual tasks support the goals of the team.

Support Teams work best when everyone is willing to help and be helped.

Building a Team

Building a team around clear roles and common goals

Building Team Cohesion Course - Lesson Excerpt

Team Buiding Tips How to build a cohesive team with common goals

Encourage interaction between team members Who are you? Find out the goals, motivations, and responsibilities of others. Where do you fit within the team?

Set clear goals that the individuals and the team can achieve Where are we going? Figure out the roadmap of your team. What does success look like?

Ensure everyone understands their role Who am I? Figure out your role within your team, before you figure out the role of others.

Set clear goals and priorities Teams work best when they have a say in their own goals and priorities. Help the team set theirs.

Clarify and negotiate roles Teams work best when each person knows and agrees to their part in achieving the team's goals.

Ensure everyone understands their own role and the role of others. This can sometimes be hard to accomplish. One approach is to have all team members give answers to the following about every other team member. What I get from you that I want What I get from you that I don't want What I don't get from you that I want

Being a Great Leader

How to foster trust and confidence

Building Team Cohesion Course - Lesson Excerpt

Leadership Lead teams to success

Team Focus Lead from behind. Promote the team and put the team ahead of yourself.

Recognize Good Work Recognition and sincere appreciation builds support, acceptance, and trust.

Together Everyone Achieves More

The commander on horseback watched as the corporal shouted orders at the soldiers. The soldiers could not shift the fallen tree.

He turned to the corporal and asked, 'Why aren't you with them, helping?' 'Because I'm their leader,' he replied.

The commander dismounted and joined the troop saying 'Together, we can do this!'. They moved the massive tree.

He thanked each member of the troop. 'Well done.' As he mounted his horse, Washington turned to the Corporal. 'Remember, corporal, Together, We Can Achieve More.'

You're under pressure. Your computer keeps crashing. Which solution makes you feel part of a team?


How ready are you to build great teams?

Building Team Cohesion Course - Lesson Excerpt

Are you ready to lead?

Great! If you focus on one feature, you'll probably see better results. Don't do it alone. Tell at least one other team member what you are trying to achieve and how you hope to achieve it.

Remember the 3 steps to building a team?

Promote Interaction Who are you?

Agree to clear goals and priorities Where are we going?

Clarify and negotiate roles Who am I?

Great! Promote interaction, agree to clear goals and priorities, and clarify and negotiate roles are 3 important steps to building a great team. Your efforts will probably focus on one of these areas, but you may identify other steps to build a cohesive team.

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Building Team Cohesion


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