Story Design

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Story Design Free

By Rance Greene
2 Lessons
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An introductory course with practical examples on Story Design for training and development.

From the author:The course builds on the importance of storytelling in learning and retaining essential knowledge. The 'Story Design' course educates learners on what makes stories so great for learning, touching on general story design and the story design model. The 'Story Design' course guides learners through a multi-part, multimodal course to share amongst colleagues, friends and family.

Story Design Lessons

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  1. Justin Speaks Up
  2. The Story Design Model

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What you will learn

  • Story Design
  • The Story Design Model

Story Design course excerpts

Justin Speaks Up

View this example of a Story Designed course first...
Story Design Course - Lesson Excerpt


AUDIO Plug in or turn up the volume to listen to a tutorial as you walk through this example of Story Design.

Justin Speaks Up

THE AUDIENCE This course example is designed for managers who are struggling handling the concerns of their employees.

Justin Speaks Up

Stella tells her staff, "I have an open door."

Knock knock...

"Hi know you're busy, but if you have a minute...could we talk?"

Justin Speaks Up

Sure, Justin. Come on in. What's up?

Justin Speaks Up

Thanks, well...I just wanted you to let you know something, you know.

Justin Speaks Up

"Sure, what's on your mind?"

Justin Speaks Up

SHORT BREAK Tune into the audio for a debrief.

Justin Speaks Up

How did you rate yourself?

HOLD UP Tune into audio for a quick debrief.

Justin Speaks Up

The Story Design Model

...then take a look at how Story Design works.
Story Design Course - Lesson Excerpt

In Lesson 1, you experienced STORY DESIGNED TRAINING


Stories are action

STORY DESIGN FILLS THE GAP It connects the action of your audience to the action of the story.

The Story Design Model

RELATABLE CHARACTERS + STRONG CONFLICT Let's examine each of these story elements separately.

The Story Design Model

RELATABLE CHARACTERS **Draw from what you know about your audience to create relatable characters. **

The Story Design Model

STRONG CONFLICT **Put characters in strong conflict with the action you want your audience to take. **

The Story Design Model

WHAT HAPPENS **when you pair relatable characters with strong conflict? **

The Story Design Model

A DESIRE FOR RESOLUTION! **Your audience wants to resolve the conflict. **

The Story Design Model


The Story Design Model

TRAINING! **Give the learner the opportunity to reflect and self-discover. Also, keep the STORY alive in training. **

The Story Design Model


The Story Design Model

Take a deeper dive into Story Design. Visit!

The Story Design Model

Story Design Course Author

Rance GreeneRance Greene formed to help leaders and talent development professionals understand their audience and what they are asking them to do. His story-based business solutions have made him a sought-after speaker and consultant. He is the author of Instructional Story Design.

This was a really good experience and exercise.

I dont think the sound recordings are there. My volume was on but nothing played.

Great course!

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