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Beginning to Lead a High-Performing Team

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So you just landed your first leadership role, and you want to nail it. It's your lucky day. In this course, we'll be talking about the qualities of high-performing teams, how management and leadership differ and how each can learn from the other, and the infamous "leadership shadow", or how you can improve your self-awareness as someone who leads.

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  1. Qualities of a High-performing Team
  2. Management vs. Leadership
  3. The Leadership Shadow
  4. Quiz

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Beginning to Lead a High-Performing Team course excerpts

Qualities of a High-performing Team

Everyone wants to lead a high-performing team... but not everyone understands what makes one. Let's talk about the qualities of a high-performing team and how you can create an atmosphere that allows your team to excel at their work.

Beginning to Lead a High-Performing Team Course - Lesson Excerpt

So you want to lead a high-performing team? First, you need to understand the foundation of a high-performing team... …and how you, as a leader, can step in to make that happen. Let's begin.

Understand the importance of their work

If the employee understands the "why" of their job and how it fits into the organization's goals, they move purposefully, their morale is boosted, and you enable them to perform at their fullest potentional.

Value Accountability Team members can focus on their work knowing that their colleagues are doing the same. Leaders know who to check with for project updates, and who to delegate specific tasks to. Team members can thrive under healthy pressure to meet quality standards and deadlines.

Practice Radical Candor

Radical candor is the practice of challenging ideas directly, while showing that you care personally.

Management vs. Leadership

Management skills and leadership skills are often confused with one another. In reality, they are two complete, almost opposite, skill sets.

Beginning to Lead a High-Performing Team Course - Lesson Excerpt

Let's start with management.

First and foremost, the manager's priority is the survival of an organization or department by ensuring each person is doing their job.

In order to do their job well, managers must be willing and able to perform routine tasks such as: Checking if standard processes are followed Ensuring resources are allocated as planned Maintaining the status quo

Managers are important because without their oversight, problems within the organization might fester without anyone noticing.

Which of the following are important traits managers must possess? Select all correct answers

.. leaders help and inspire the people who are tasked with getting the job done.

.. leaders come up with new approaches, fresh ideas, and innovative takes.

The Leadership Shadow

As a new leader, your words and actions now hold greater sway. In this lesson, we'll discuss the concept of "the leadership shadow" to help you cultivate greater self-awareness to go along with a bigger responsibility.

Beginning to Lead a High-Performing Team Course - Lesson Excerpt

Firstly, it means the leader casts a long shadow. Whatever they say or do, now has a greater impact on the organization and its people.

Second, it means that when we step into a leadership role, we push the traits and qualities we deem leaderlike into the forefront..

.. while the ones we deem unbecoming of a leader, is pushed to the leadership shadow.

In order to continue growing as a leader, we need to understand when we have to revert to being followers..

We need to understand when to be the commanding voice in the room, and when to let someone else take the floor. We need to develop good instincts on when to be strong and steadfast, or kind and empathetic. Know when to listen, and when to resist. All of these are only possible if you have good self-awareness.. .. and good self-awareness is only possible if you don't lose sight of your leadership shadow.


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Beginning to Lead a High-Performing Team Course - Lesson Excerpt

Which of the following are important traits managers must possess? Select all correct answers

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Beginning to Lead a High-Performing Team


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