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Safe Use of Machinery

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Safe Use of Machinery Lessons

The full course includes

  1. How to use a Drill Press Safely
  2. Lathe Safety

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Course overview

Health and safety within the workplace is vital but especially if you are using machinery. This course is designed to ensure that workers follow proper protocols and procedures when handling certain types of machinery. You will learn about what protective wear you should be wearing, things to do prior to machinery and how to operate different machines. EdApp's short bite-sized course will ensure that the training is interactive and informative to enhance your learning experience.

What you will learn
  • How to use a Drill Press safely
  • How to use a Lathe Safely
The full course includes
  1. How to use a Drill Press Safely
  2. Lathe Safety

Course Rating

i have learned many new issues regarding to keep safe and stay safe during work with machineries.



Eye opening

The course is easy to understand and the lesson is quite interactive.

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