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This course focuses on beneficial practices made available for remote working.

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Discover the concepts behind remote working to help you thrive. Learn the common challenges of remote working, communication tips, the best way to structure your routine and learn how to practise emotional well-being in this interactive course.

Remote Working Lessons

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  1. Introduction to Remote Working
  2. Challenges of Remote Working
  3. Better Communication in Remote Working
  4. Structuring Your Day
  5. Mind and Emotional Well-being

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Remote Working course excerpts

Introduction to Remote Working

Discover the concepts behind remote working.

Remote Working Course - Lesson Excerpt

** Introduction to Remote Working**

COVID-19 has already affected more than 93 million people worldwide.

In response to the global pandemic, 88% of companies have required their employees to work from home

Here's how you can stay safe while working based on when and where you're safest, happiest and most productive.


Which of these are true about remote working? Select all that apply.

Challenges of Remote Working

Identify and overcome the challenges faced in a remote working set-up.

Remote Working Course - Lesson Excerpt

Challenges of Remote Working Win against these challenges in no time.

An average worker switches tasks every 3 minutes.

When interrupted, a worker takes nearly 30 mins. to resume the original task.

Here's how to win against the different challenges and distractions of remote working.

Which can be considered as a distraction?

Better Communication in Remote Working

This lesson will help your conversations run smoothly and minimize having issues brought by miscommunication.

Remote Working Course - Lesson Excerpt

**Better Communication in Remote Working ** Maintain professionalism online.

Remember those little social moments you had in the office?

With remote working, you can't just drop by someone's desk for a quick catch-up like before.

Such moments can still occur, though you just have to design it efficiently now. Here's how.

Face to Face Communication Language experts say that just one minute of face to face communication contains up to 10,000 non-verbal cues. These cues can't be reflected as much through online chat and emails. This is why talking face to face may it be through online continues to be more efficient than others.

Which are great ways of maintaining professionalism online?


Structuring Your Day

This lesson will help you effectively manage your time for work and for the things you love to do.

Remote Working Course - Lesson Excerpt

Structuring Your Day How lists and tomatoes can help us be productive.

Do you ever notice that we end up distracting ourselves in spite of having a lot of work to do?

When we delay or postpone work like that, procrastinating has already taken a hold of us.

Discover tips to unlock your peak productivity! Here's how.

The Kitchen System Identify, categorize and structure your tasks before starting your day. VitaminsWhat are your small daily tasks? It can be checking your emails or to-do list. Front BurnerWhat are your 3 high priority tasks for the day? Back BurnerTasks that can be done at a later time. Oven What are your tasks on a "timer" or scheduled at a certain time?

The Pomodoro Technique

Mind and Emotional Well-being

Discover better ways to take care of your well-being as a remote worker.

Remote Working Course - Lesson Excerpt

Mind and Emotional Wellbeing A happy mind is a happier you.

Work from home jobs can indeed challenge your mental health more than ever.

More meetings leads to zoom fatigue and are pulling workers in multiple directions.

Here's how to save you from hitting rock bottom, learn and find the path for self-care.

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Remote Working


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