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Performance Management

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About this course

This course focuses on practical ways for establishing role clarity, giving, receiving, processing feedback effectively, and maintaining objectivity in managing underperformance.

Performance Management Lessons

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  1. Understanding Performance Management
  2. Giving Feedback
  3. Receiving and Processing Feedback
  4. Objective Management of Underperformance
  5. Bringing it Together

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Performance Management course excerpts

Understanding Performance Management

Performance Management Course - Lesson Excerpt

Understanding Performance Management

Establishing Role Clarity Find the Gaps Review the job description and identify the tasks that are part of the role. Now, compare the tasks that you actually are performing. Is there a significant difference? If that's the case, there's a stark difference between the role you need to play and what you're actually doing. Doing so can help you start clear conversations to redirect focus onto your own job.

Giving Feedback

Performance Management Course - Lesson Excerpt

Giving Feedback

What would you do if... You see chocolate stains stuck on the front teeth of your leader who's currently presenting in the meeting. How would you let them know about it?

** 2. Situation** "Earlier in the meeting, the data on slide three was incomplete..." Clearly describe the situation. Specify when and where the context for the feedback would be coming from.

Impact " Because I didn't get the files on time, we weren't able to ..."

This can give meaning, clarity, and logic between behavior and its impact or consequence for the brain to process.

How can you best finish giving effective feedback?

Receiving and Processing Feedback

Performance Management Course - Lesson Excerpt

** Receiving and Processing Feedback**

So you've just been given feedback...

...what happens now once you're sitting alone with just your thoughts and theirs?

Here's how to make the most of the feedback that you're getting.

** Diggin' Deeper** Let's say you have asked your leader for details about the feedback that he is giving on your 1-on1 coaching session. "What could I do to make it easier for you to work with me?" And you receive a quick but short response which goes like this: "Just keep doing your best." You would then assume that its the end of the feedback and reply "Thanks." If this is familiar to you then you have to dig a little deeper to get that specific feedback that you're looking for. The trick here is giving them the 7-second rule.

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Objective Management of Underperformance

Performance Management Course - Lesson Excerpt

Objective Management of Underperformance

** Imagine this...**

One of your team members agreed to complete a crucial report by the close of business yesterday.

But he wasn't able to meet the deadline because he was pulled in on another important project

And the reason was that your boss asked him to complete the other project just last week.

The problem is, your team has a standing agreement that when anyone can't meet a commitment, they should always give you an advance warning ...

...and your team member failed to let you know about this conflict ahead of time.

**How could you objectively start to communicate underperformance with an employee? **

Is a Performance Improvement Plan the first step in firing an employee?

Bringing it Together

Performance Management Course - Lesson Excerpt

** Bringing it Together**

Now that you've understood the different concepts involving performance management...

... it's time to apply them in different scenarios.

What could've caused Team A to have redundant work outputs within their team members?

**How could you objectively start to communicate underperformance with an employee? **

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Performance Management


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