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Explore how people enablers unite people around common goals.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Provide Feedback
  3. Recognize Talent
  4. Be Present
  5. Teach Upcoming Generations
  6. Create a Bond
  7. Search for the Best People
  8. Grow Marketable Skills
  9. Demonstrate a "Can Do" Attitude
  10. Spread a Passion for Learning
  11. Talk Straight
  12. Review

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People Enabler course excerpts


Learn how to create a strong legacy.

People Enabler Course - Lesson Excerpt

People Enabler


Provide Feedback

Learn how to deal honestly with people who are not meeting expectations in their growth.

People Enabler Course - Lesson Excerpt

Provide Feeback

Ways of Acting

When requested, create an agreement and coach people for personal transformation.

Transform people when their attitude prevents them from achieving results.

Use your coaching skills to ask people what they are focused on and aim to accomplish.

Acknowledge people for who they are, not just their results.

Recognize Talent

Recognize talents and take personal risks by giving people responsibilities.

People Enabler Course - Lesson Excerpt

Recognize Talent

Ways of Acting

Acknowledge and praise work that reflects a talent.

Assign more challenging assignments that engage talent.

Be Present

Explore how to be present, "show up" and engage people at all levels.

People Enabler Course - Lesson Excerpt

Be Present Engage with people at all levels.

Ways of Thinking

Periodically walk around and talk to people informally.

Build a personal connection by learning something about their personal interest or family.

Ways of Learning

Hold a meeting session with everyone in the company to review progress on your strategic plan.

Teach Upcoming Generations

Identify methods to mentor upcoming generations.

People Enabler Course - Lesson Excerpt

Teach Upcoming Generations

Ways of Thinking

View the business as an apprenticeship profession.

See tremendous and unique potential in everyone.

Ways of Learning Share your experiences with employees and teach them from your own mistakes.

Take the path with the learner.

Challenge assumptions and values.

Create a Bond

Develop a bond with people, listen and then advise them.

People Enabler Course - Lesson Excerpt

Show Genuine Interest Be understanding of people's personal constraints.

Ways of Thinking

Leaders care about their people

They want to help their people be happy and successful.

Ways of Acting

Set up one-to-one meetings in the aim of getting to know your people better.

Check in regularly, so that they can alert you to emerging issues and decisions that need to be made.

Ask about their personal goals, hobbies, and interests.

Focus on listening and showing genuine interest.

Ways of Learning

Search for the Best People

Recognize how to attract and retain the right people.

People Enabler Course - Lesson Excerpt

Use Your Networks Utilize your networks to bring in the most appropriate talent.

Help integrate new members, recognize and reward people for their contributions.

Take responsibility in addressing performance problems.

How to value the contributions of good performers?

Ways of Learning

Attend interviewing or recruiting workshops.

Apply behavioral interviewing where candidates provide descriptions of past behavior.

Talk to several leaders and ask them about the personalities that best fit their companies.

Grow Marketable Skills

Explore how to create an environment that enables people to grow and succeed.

People Enabler Course - Lesson Excerpt

Marketable Skills

The Importance of Marketable Skills

People with limited skills can gain more when working with other skilled people.

Demonstrate a "Can Do" Attitude

Recall how to be proactive in making things happen.

People Enabler Course - Lesson Excerpt

Exhibit a “can do” attitude when solving problems.

Create Positive Energy Give people confidence in their potential to overcome obstacles.

Empower people by setting clear performance objectives while allowing them to influence key decisions.

Ways of Acting

After a setback, demonstrate resilience and a positive attitude.

Express confidence and empower an individual or group to make a decision or solve a problem.

Set and attain moderately challenging goals.

Encourage groups to set goals, consistent with the business.

Spread a Passion for Learning

Continuously encourage people to learn from each other.

People Enabler Course - Lesson Excerpt

Passion for Learning

Ways of Acting

Meet yearly with each direct report to plan their professional development.

Demonstrate commitment to continuous professional development by completing developmental activities.

For example, use books, courses or new projects to discuss with your direct reports and colleagues.

Talk Straight

Explore how providing frequent feedback and coaching helps people develop.

People Enabler Course - Lesson Excerpt

Talk Straight

Actions to Consider To have a transparent and honest environment, you should:

Hold frequent one-to-one meetings as an opportunity to provide feedback.

Maintain a respectful and caring attitude when sharing concerns or giving critical feedback.


Deepen your understanding of people enablers.

People Enabler Course - Lesson Excerpt

People Enabler

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People Enabler


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