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Payment Security (for Cashiers)

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Learn how to use Square, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and contactless payments in point of sale (POS), as well as how to spot suspicious behaviour in a retail setting.

Payment Security (for Cashiers) Lessons

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  1. Why Contactless (NFC) Pay?
  2. Using Apple Pay & Google Pay
  3. Using Square
  4. Accepting Credit and Debit Cards
  5. Identifying Suspicious Behaviour, Scamming & Skimming

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Payment Security (for Cashiers) course excerpts

Why Contactless (NFC) Pay?

Payment Security (for Cashiers) Course - Lesson Excerpt

Why Contactless (NFC) Pay?

Now more than ever, we are having to transform our business to adapt to the times. Contactless transactions help us reduce the amount of COVID-19 transmission, as well as provide data security for our customers.

Not only are we doing more and more contactless pick-up, we are also using contactless payment methods, meaning we no longer have to handle our customers' credit or debit cards. It's our responsibility to make sure our customers are safe while they shop in our store, and that they feel secure. This course will help us assist customers in this process.

Products with NFC All Apple phones after iPhone 6 All Blackberrys after the "Curve" model Google Phones after the Nexus 5 Most Android phones Apple Watches Credit Cards with chips

Using Apple Pay & Google Pay

Payment Security (for Cashiers) Course - Lesson Excerpt

Using Apple Pay & Google Pay

It's extremely easy to use Apple Pay & Google Pay.

First, a user must unlock their iPhone using either their Face ID, their Passcode or their Touch ID. For Google, they have to unlock their Android phones.

Using Square

Payment Security (for Cashiers) Course - Lesson Excerpt

Using Square

First open the Square app and make sure the card reader is plugged in firmly (make sure it's plugged into the headset jack until it clicks). Sometimes this requires you to remove the device cover. Next, add the items of the current sale. If you are using a bar code scanner you can scan the SKU. If you need to, you can type the keyboard icon to enter a custom amount.

You can tap any item to make modifications to the quantity and price. Next, swipe the credit or debit card with the magnetic strip facing the thicker side of the reader.

Have the customer sign, when they are done select the correct receipt option. Once a payment is complete you will see "All Done" on your screen.

Some other tips! To see a full name of an item, you can press and hold an item in the Library view. This will open the Item Details where you can see the full name. If for some reason the Internet isn't working, you can enable the offline mode to keep accepting payments. You can split a payment by using the Split Tender option. If for some reason they want to cancel a transaction, you can press the X or back arrow to return to the previous screen.

Accepting Credit and Debit Cards

Payment Security (for Cashiers) Course - Lesson Excerpt

Accepting Credit and Debit Cards

Use the Chip First! Allow the cardholder to insert their own card. This reduces contact as well as gives control to the customer. If they swipe the card, but have a chip, the screen will display a prompt to insert the chip instead. The chip should always face up and out when inserted. You may have to remind the customer to remove their card. Make sure they do at the end of every transaction. If for some reason the chip doesn't work, you will have to swipe the card. If it still doesn't work, you can try manually entering the number.

Identifying Suspicious Behaviour, Scamming & Skimming

Payment Security (for Cashiers) Course - Lesson Excerpt

Identifying Suspicious Behaviour, Scamming & Skimming

Signs of Suspicious Behaviour: The customer purchases a large among of high value merchandise with no preference for the type or price. The customer tries to distract or rush you through a transaction. The customer refuses delivery of items that would be hard to carry home. The customer purchases a large amount of items then comes back the same day to purchase another set of high-value items. Rushing a transaction right before the store closes.

What is 'skimming'?

Hackers and criminals have been using hardware to 'skim' credit card data and make fraudulent purchases.

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Payment Security (for Cashiers)


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