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Mentoring - Finding, Becoming, and Being

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Learn to locate, secure and make the most of a good mentor - and even be one!

Mentoring - Finding, Becoming, and Being Lessons

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  1. How To Search For A Mentor
  2. How To Be A Mentor
  3. Mentoring Best Practices

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Mentoring - Finding, Becoming, and Being course excerpts

How To Search For A Mentor

Learn to make use of what you have to find the right mentor for your startup.

Mentoring - Finding, Becoming, and Being Course - Lesson Excerpt

How to Search For A Mentor Choose and be chosen.

Mentors those people we aspire to be and can teach us how to reach a higher level in our careers.

Little do people know... mentors speak not only in sentences, but in invitations.

They say things like "Let me know how I can help," or "Let me know what you need."

As a business, you'll need a team of these people. Here's how to find them.

Spotting a Mentor

Don't ask them to be your mentor Instead, ask whether they'd be willing to have coffee or lunch with you and spend 80% of the time asking questions about them and their experiences Use the remaining 20% to seek advice.

Start small Mentor-mentee relationship doesn't grow overnight. Build trust and rapport through small things like just getting a response via email, get an interaction going.

Consider what you can also offer them Best mentoring relationships aren't just one-sided. Think about what you can bring to the table and strive to provide time, effort or assistance no matter how small it is. Attempt to make some offer of value for your mentor's time.

Update them Reflects how you respond to their mentoring and that you're taking action by giving them reports of how you've failed or succeeded. You get feedback and in a way let them know how much you appreciate the work they're doing as your mentor.

How To Be A Mentor

Gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a mentor.

Mentoring - Finding, Becoming, and Being Course - Lesson Excerpt

How To Be A Mentor Ignite the spark of success.

There is a reason why you're at the top. It could be because of your hard work your wisdom and perseverance.

But that's not all there is to that. It's also because of people who were once above you had extended their arms to help lift you up.

Now it's your turn to extend your hand and provide somebody with the support that they need and share your wisdom.

Here's how to ignite that spark of success for your chosen mentee.

Which of these are ways to establish trust in mentoring?

Mentoring Best Practices

Understand how mentoring works and find practical ways in applying best practices involving mentoring startup businesses.

Mentoring - Finding, Becoming, and Being Course - Lesson Excerpt

Mentoring Best Practices

As mentors, we don't want to be the type who says "great job" to business owners even if they really aren't doing a great job.

It's as if you're patting them on their back as they walk off a plank and that's not helping the whole startup ecosystem.

Here's how to save your mentees from walking off the plank and into walking the road to success.

Know which mentoring process works for you. Ask yourself the following questions Do I have a fixed available time? **2. What do I hope to accomplish? Do I have specific skills that I can share? ** How important is it for me to select my own mentee?

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Mentoring - Finding, Becoming, and Being


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