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Maintaining Culture

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Discover an in-depth understanding of culture in the context of leadership and its essence in an organization and how to maintain it with consistency.

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  1. Understanding Culture
  2. Maintaining Culture as a Leader
  3. The Power of Consistency

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Maintaining Culture course excerpts

Understanding Culture

Maintaining Culture Course - Lesson Excerpt

Understanding Culture

What do you think is the most significant contributor to forming a culture?

Maintaining Culture as a Leader

Maintaining Culture Course - Lesson Excerpt

Maintaining Culture as a Leader

Everything that comes out of the megaphone base serves as a way to define what an organization believes.

And it's the leaders who hold these so-called "megaphones".

Check for Communication Blockage Go around and ask people the question: "What are the things that we do not discuss but should be?" Give them a moment to answer. If no one has anything to say, then your organization's line of communications are probably blocked. Keep going and keep asking the questions. By asking this question, you have already signalled openness.

Be Responsive Sometimes people in the organization might raise issues that the other might not agree with.

A responsive leader seeks to understand what's really happening as opposed to what they want to see.

In the end, the people who work for you may not remember the names, the email address, and the awards that they had in your company...

... but they will never forget how it felt to work there or the kind of people they became as a result.

The character and ethos of the business will be the one thing they bring with them.

And this is how organizational culture impacts and determines what types of people are hired, who stays and are left out.

The Power of Consistency

Maintaining Culture Course - Lesson Excerpt

The Power of Consistency

It takes an average of 66 days before a new habit is automatically formed. European Journal of Social Psychology

If you want to maintain the culture that you've established, you may need to work with consistency.

Which of these are true?


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Maintaining Culture


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